Maxwell Crumley

Crumley Portrait

From an early age I have been fascinated with images. Concepts were in my mind that I could not get down on a piece of paper. The eternal ballet of light and shadows, of form and texture provoked me to respond somehow. I had no native abilities at drawing or painting, so photography became the outlet for my ideas and my emotions.

I had opportunity to gain a very solid foundation in photographic theory while attending San Jose State College. At the same time I had the good fortune to be able to begin to augment that theory with practical experience in the field. I soon became aware that I could make a comfortable living doing something I truly loved and I was off and running...a "professional photographer" While moving into the world of the commercial photographer, I also had opportunity to return to the academic halls of San Jose State as an instructor in the Photography Department. I accepted this direction in my life while making myself a promise..."I will practice what I teach". Since 1967 I have both taught photography and worked as a commercial photographer. My studio, The Elegant Image, has provided the opportunity for me to stay current in the fields of commercial product and advertising , fashion and portrait photography.

Photography as a fine art has always been my passion. It still provides a way for me to respond to the beauty that I see all around me. It is there in everything from rocks to people; from landscapes to architecture. How I respond to it may be literal or very figurative, but photography is always my medium. Whether it is in the conventional darkroom or the computer darkroom of Photoshop, my outlet for creativity is photography.

I look forward to bringing my students into this wonderful world of images and illusions.

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last published: 4/1/18