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English 1A English Composition

This course introduces the techniques of collegiate English composition with emphasis on clear and effective writing and analytical reading. Students will write a series of essays including a documented research paper. Because this is a collegiate-level writing course, students must enroll with strong grammatical competence. Students enrolled in Eng 1A must also enroll in Eng 991 Writing Skills Lab. This course fulfils the written communication requirement for the Associate and Bachelor's degree. Transfer: UC, CSU. Prerequisite: Qualifying assessment score or credit in Eng 905 and Reading 961.

English 1B English Composition

This course builds on composition skills developed in Engl 1A by introducing students to the analysis of literature through discussion and writing. While reading literary texts (fiction, poetry, drama) from diverse cultures, students will learn a variety of writing techniques, interpretive strategies, and research skills. This is an information competency infused course; it may focus on a theme, which is noted on the Schedule of Classes. Transfer: UC, CSU. Prerequisite: Eng 1A.

English 1C Clear Thinking in Writing

This writing course focuses on techniques and principles of writing effective arguments. The course examines word choice, inference, evidence, reasoning, and strategies in arguments written by both professional and student writers. Transfer: UC, CSU. Prerequisite: Eng1A.

English 903 Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure

This is a first level language skills course concentrating on grammar, sentence struc- ture, punctuation, usage, spelling, vocabulary, and reading. This course is not recommended for or designed to meet the needs of ESL students. This course does not apply to the Associate degree. Pass/No Pass only.

English 905 English Fundamentals--A Preparatory Course

This course prepares students for college-level writing and English 1A. It provides the foundation needed for beginning college writing. Students in this course have the opportunity to learn and practice the writing process, focusing on greater proficiency in writing multi-paragraph essays. The course covers the main elements of sound essays including thesis statements, supporting details and evidence, organization, and coherence. Students have the opportunity to develop various writing strategies using classroom computers in the Computer Assisted Writing Lab where one class meeting per week is held. Students enrolled in Eng 905 must also enroll in Eng 990 Writing Skills Lab. A grade of Credit qualifies the student for Eng 1A. This course does not apply to the Associate degree. Prerequisite: Eng 903 or ESL 65GW or qualifying assessment scores. Pass/No Pass only.

English 990, 991 Writing Skills Lab

Thess lab courses provide skill-building activities that support the work of English 1A of writing a series of college-level essays including a documented research paper. Skills exercises focus on developing strategies for writing clearly, reading analytically, and conducting research effectively. Students complete individually designed assignments appropriate for their skill level and needs. These courses are co-requisite labs for English 905 and Eng 1A. These courses do not fulfill the English requirement for the Associate degree. Pass/No Pass only.

Many of these courses are offered online.

Check the Schedule of Classes and the website titled eLearning.

last published: 4/1/18