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Literature courses used to meet general education requirements

cannot be used to satisfy major requirements.


English Major Requirements for completing an A.A. Degree:

  1. Completion of 6 units of English Composition selected from the following Course Units:

    • ENGL 001A, B, C English Composition   3-3-3

  2. Completion of one of the following literature survey sequences:

    • ENGL 005A, B Survey of English Literature   3-3

    • ENGL 007A, B American Literature   3-3

  3. Completion of 9 units of literature courses, without duplicating any of the above:

    • ENGL 005A, B Survey of English Literature   3-3

    • ENGL 006A, B World Literature   3-3

    • ENGL 007A, B American Literature   3-3

    • ENGL 010 Children's Literature   3

    • ENGL 012 African American Literature   3

    • ENGL 013 Latino/Chicano Literature   3

    • ENGL 018 Asian American Literature   3

    • ENGL 041 Literature and Film   3

    • ENGL 043 Classical Mythology   3

    • ENGL 044 The Bible as Literature   3

    • ENGL 046 Contemporary American Multicultural Literature   3

    • ENGL 047 Introduction to Poetry   3

    • ENGL 048 Introduction to Shakespeare   3

    • ENGL 049 Modern Fiction   3

    • ENGL 070A, B Creative Writing   3-3

To be awarded an A.A. Degree, a student must complete

  1. All the major requirements

  2. Additional units to meet the college graduation requirements.

A student planning to transfer to a B.A. program in English should select courses that apply toward both the college graduation requirements and the bachelor’s degree requirements of the four-year institution to which he/she intends to transfer.

Students planning to undertake graduate study in English are advised to complete Intermediate Foreign Language 02A and 02B before transferring.

last published: 4/1/18