Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender' Studies is an Interdisciplinary program that places women's contributions, experiences, and concerns at the center of study. The program welcomes all students who are interested in investigating gender, race, and class issues in their lives and world.

The Women and Gender Studies major consists of an interdisciplinary program of courses. Together, these courses offer students the knowledge and intellectual training needed for an introductory understanding of gender and diversity issues.

Learning Outcomes

After completing courses or an AA degree in Women and Gender Studies, a student will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze women’s contributions to the sciences and humanities;
  • Analyze gender roles using cross cultural and historical perspectives;
  • Analyze cultural attitudes about sexualities throughout history and across cultures;
  • Analyze the influence of gender, class, culture, race, ethnicity, and sexuality on the experiences of women and men in different societies;
  • Analyze women’s access to power throughout
  • history and across cultures;
  • Participate in dialogue about fairness and justice in matters related to gender, race, class, culture, ethnicity and sexuality.


Women and Gender Studies encourages students to think critically about how gender has shaped their ideas about themselves and their sense of power in the world. To meet this aim, courses

  • explore women’s contributions to the sciences and humanities;
  • question prevailing ideas of human nature that are based on men’s experiences only;
  • examine women’s roles and the reasons for those roles;
  • analyze the influence of class, culture, race, ethnicity, and gender on women’s lives;
  • examine women’s access to power
  • promote dialogue on issues of fairness and justice in gender-related matters.


The Women, Gender, and Queer Studies (WGQS) program presents the annual F-word Global Gender Symposium late every spring term, usually in late April or early May. At the symposium, students present interdisciplinary, multimedia, and oftentimes interactive research projects on issues of gender equity, social justice, and inclusion in various global contexts.

The WGQS and Social Justice Studies (SJS) programs are proud to present a Social Justice Studies Student Conference in the fall term.

The WGQS and SJS programs are proud to sponsor several equity-related events, student and campus communities, and speakers on the campus each year, and historically have collaborated with student services such as the Puente Project, the Global Citizenship Committee, Student Government, the Office of Student Equity and Success, and the Study Abroad Program.

last published: 7/25/18