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World Languages

Italian Italiano

is a Romance language spoken in Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), France (including Corsica), Switzerland , and other countries.

Although Italian has a standard literary form, based on the dialect of Florence, the common speech is dialectical or a local variant of standard Italian. It is spoken by about 70 million people.



Marc Accornero, Instructor


Degree(s) / Institutions

M.A.: UC Berkeley, CA

UC Berkeley, CA, PhD Candidate


Major: Hispanic Studies

Major: Romance Languages and Literatures

Classes taught at WVC: Spanish 1A, 1B; 50A Telecourse; Italian 1A, 1B: Music 1 and 2

Experience: taught at various Universities and Colleges in California. Worked as translator and editor, as well as tour director for cultural tours.

Message to prospective students:

Personal interests: Cinema, Cuisine, Theater, Music, Tennis, Skiing

Research: Dulcinea in Don Quijote; The Songs of García Lorca

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Sebastian Cassarino, Instructor

Degree(s), Institutions: Ph.D. U.C.Berkeley, CAMajor: Romance Languages andLiterature and PhilologyClasses at WVC: Italian 50A and 50BExperience: Professor (Emeritus) at SJSU (1962-1992)Personal message to prospective students:Italian is a very beautiful language with a great musical, culinary and literary culture. Students will learn the basic conversational elements in 50A and 50B.Personal interests or areas of research: etymology. History of words and cultural traditions. 


Mario Leonardo D'Onofrio, PhD, Instructor


Classes taught at WVC: Spanish 1A, 1B, 50A


PhD in Romance languages. Case Western Reserve University, 1978.

Dissertation: La constructions de la narrativa indigenista andina: Ciro Alegria indeginista.

M.A. Ohio State University Spanish Literature

B.A. Kent State University, Major: Spanish Minor: French

Major and minors: Spanish Literature - Novela Peninsular siglos XIX & XX. Novela latinoamericana siglo XX-Periodo; Modernismo - author Ciro Alegria.

Related fields: French and Italian with concentration Medieval Literature.


35 years College teaching

15 years University, Chair of Modern Language

Personal message to prospective students:

"Dreams come true through perseverance."

Anything is possible once you create the possibility. Don't let anyone steal your dream, no matter what.

"Education is essential in life."

Personal interests or areas of research:

I love to perform in opera and to read and research in my indigenous literary field.

Alpha Mu Gamma:

On April 22, 2005, after 30 some years a chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the national Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society, was started. We were able to initiate 11 students into the chapter of Zeta Kappa.

Alpha Mu Gamma has as its primary purpose honoring of students for their outstanding academic achievement during their first year of foreign language study. Currently holding position as Chapter advisor.


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