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Spanish español or Castillian castellano

is a Romance language spoken by more than 250 million people in Spain, the Americas, and Africa. Outside the Iberian Peninsula, Spanish is spoken in all of Central and South America except Brazil, as well as in the Canary Islands, parts of Morocco, and the Philippines.

Latin-American Spanish has a number of regional dialects; all are derived from Castilian but differ in several points of phonology from European Spanish.


Sandra Plyler, Instructor


Degrees / Institutions M.A. La Sorbonne, Paris, France

Majors / Minors; French Literature, French

Spanish, Drama

Classes at WVC: Spanish 1A, 1B Medical Spanish

Experience: 26 years teaching literature and advanced Spanish and French classes

Consultant for Metro University, Denver, CO

Personal message to prospective students:

Learning a foreign language is a great tool to allow you to communicate and understand people from other cultures.

Personal interests or areas of research:

Reading, rock climbing, hiking, tennis, spending time with family

Irene Upson, Instructor

Highest degree/ Institution: M.A.San Jose State University in Spanish, San Jose CA

B.A. Latin American Studies

San Jose State University, CA

Classes at WVC: Spanish 1A, 1B, 2A, 2b

Experience: 27 years teaching a variety of classes in Spanish at the College level

Personal message: Take foreign languages and you will develop different perspectives and enjoy life!

Personal interest or areas of research: Reading and writing childrens books from around the world.

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