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ClassNET is a link to Physical Education courses that provide supplemental information online. If your class is not listed on this page, you may want to check your instructor's webpage or search for your class section in the West Valley College Virtual Campus.

Class Instructor
Sports Medicine
PE TH38A - Introduction to Sports Medicine Starks
PE TH39 - Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation Starks
PE TH41 - Skill Competencies in Athletic Training Starks
Strength and Conditioning
PE TH42 - Principles of Strength and Conditioning Starks
PE 4.16 - Fitness Weight Training  
Health Education
H.ED 005 - First Aid/CPR/AED Responding to Emergencies M. Dillon

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Concussions Knee Injuries
PE Concussions     PE Knee Injuries
last published: 4/1/18