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Welcome to Stretch and Flex

Stretch and Flex is an innovative physical education teleweb course using video lessons, interactive web sites, and a self-paced manual.

The Stretch and Flex teleweb course teaches you how to correctly perform stretching exercises without risking injury. This course was developed not only for the average person but also for those individuals who may have minor disabilities, back problems, pregnant women, senior citizens, or anyone with limited flexibility.

Each 30 minute Stretch and Flex video includes a series of guided stretches and a short relaxation period. You are always guided through every stretch by the instructor. The video lessons are very similar yet they build upon each other.

In order to fully participate with this course, you will be required to get in a sitting position (with or without a chair) as well as lie on your side and lie on your back. By using only these positions, anyone with a balance problem can fully participate.

By fully participating and completing this course you will gain valuable knowledge in the following areas:

  • Proper stretching and breathing techniques

  • Understanding contraindicated exercises (potentially harmful or detrimental exercises)

  • Performing stretches within your own physical limits

  • How to increase flexibility

  • Stress reduction hints to incorporate in your daily routine

  • Setting individual goals

Important points to remember :

  • Stretch only to your own limit

  • When you begin to feel your muscles burning you have stretched too far

  • Not all of the models where able to perform the stretches completely. This is not uncommon and you should not feel bad if you are not able to perform the stretches as they are described. As with all skills, practice will bring improvement. Keep in mind that the stretches (as they are intended to be performed) are described in the text to the right of the images. In some instances the images and descriptions are not identical - the descriptions are to be followed in these instances.

Each of the stretching exercises has its own web site.

Click each of the links below to view the individual stretching exercises:


last published: 4/1/18