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Neutral Positions
  Most of the stretching exercises used within this course begin in a neutral position. To become familiar with these, look at the neutral posture position for sitting, side lying and back lying pictured below.

Position yourself in front of a mirror or a ask a friend who can give you feedback on your neutral positions. Try to emulate each position. Make a blue print in your mind of each position as well as note the specifics of how you feel in each position. For instance, in the neutral sitting position, are your shoulders level? Is your back straight (ear, shoulder, and hip lined up)? Be sure your head isn't protruding forward. Close your eyes and try to get back into the correct neutral positions. Move out of the position and back into the correct position until you can position yourself with out having to check the mirror.


picture of neutral sit position

  • The neutral sitting position, side view. Incorporates a straight back with the ear, shoulder, and hip aligned
  picture of neutral back position
  • The neutral back lying position, incorporates a flat back with the neck and spine touching the floor
  picture of neutral side position
  • The neutral side lying position, incorporates a straight line: ear, shoulder, hip, behind the knee, and ankle
  • For additional balance on some exercises, the lower leg may be bent


last published: 4/1/18