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Stretch and Flex Exercise #43
Diagonal Slide
  first picture of diagonal slide stretch
  • Sit up with your legs crossed
  • Keep a straight back, with your ear, shoulder, and hip lined up
  • Have a slight pelvic tilt
  • Place one of your hands palm down on the floor next to your hip with fingers facing forward
  • Your other hand reaches up towards the ceiling, with your arm touching the ear
  • Continue to press your hips down throughout the entire stretch
  second picture of diagonal slide stretch
  • Slowly move your hand on the floor directly out sideways from your hip
  • Your hand over your head reaches in same direction as your extended arm on the ground
  • Continue to breathe slowly and deeply, exhaling as you extend the stretch
  third picture of diagonal slide stretch
  • Head leans sideways towards the sliding palm while still looking forward
  • Continue to breathe and relax your muscles to get the best extended stretch
  fourth picture of diagonal slide stretch
  • To achieve a maximum stretch, try placing your elbow on the mat


last published: 4/1/18