Stretch and Flex

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Stretch and Flex Exercise #60
  first picture of peekaboo stretch
  • Sit up with your legs crossed
  • Keep a straight back, with your ear, shoulder, and hip lined up
  • Have a slight pelvic tilt
  • Start with your elbows, wrists, and hands together out in front of your body with elbows at shoulder height
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, exhaling as you extend the stretch
  second picture of peekaboo stretch
  • Starting position as seen from the side
  third picture of peekaboo stretch
  • Keeping your fingers in contact, rotate your hands so that your palms face away from you as your elbows press back
  • Hold your elbows in this backward stretch position for 3-5 seconds, then return to beginning position


last published: 4/1/18