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Stretch and Flex Exercise #73
Half Straddle Side
  first picture of half straddle side stretch
  • Keep a straight back, with your ear, shoulder, and hip lined up
  • Have a slight pelvic tilt
  • Start out with your legs in a half-straddle position, one leg is straight, out to the side, knee and toes pointing to the ceiling
  • Your other leg is bent so that the bottom of your foot touches the inner thigh of your straight leg
  • take a deep breath in, exhale as you begin to stretch
  • Slide your corresponding hand down your straight leg towards your toes
  • Your other arm reaches up towards the ceiling, and continues to move over your head toward your straight leg, palm facing the floor
  second picture of half straddle side stretch
  • Continue to breathe slowly and deeply, exhaling as you extend the stretch
  • Looking up at the ceiling, slowly continue to stretch
  • Relax your side muscles to extend the stretch
  • If possible, while holding your toe bring your elbow down to the inside of your knee


last published: 4/1/18