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  Full Time Faculty To access available web pages in support of a course you are taking please use the links listed by your instructor.

Roberta Berlani Roberta Berlani
Office: V 7
Phone: (408) 741-2563
E-Mail: Roberta_Berlani@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/berlani
Nathan Norris Nathan Norris
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2634
E-Mail: Nathan_Norris@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/norris
Leticia Gallardo
Leticia Gallardo
Office: V 7
Phone: (408) 741-2416
E-Mail: Leticia_Gallardo@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/gallardo
Christine Peters Christine Peters-Stanton
Office: V 7
Phone: (408) 741-2626
E-Mail: Christine_Peters@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/peters
Michelle Geary Michelle Geary
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2572
E-Mail: Michelle_Geary@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/geary
Molly Schrey Molly Schrey (Department Chair)
Office: V 7
Phone: (408) 741-2585
E-Mail: Molly_Schrey@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/schrey
Cheryl Hackworth Cheryl Hackworth
Office: V 7
Phone: (408) 741-2562
E-Mail: Cheryl_Hackworth@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/hackworth
Peter Svensson Peter Svensson
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2558
E-Mail: Peter_Svensson@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/svensson

  Part Time Faculty (in progress)To access available web pages in support of a course you are taking please use the links listed by your instructor.

Karen Hurst Karen Hurst
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2045 x3443
E-Mail: Karen_Hurst @westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/hurst

Alicia Steinhardt Alicia Steinhardt
Phone: (408) 741-2045 x3391
E-Mail: Alicia_Steinhardt @westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/steinhardt

Barry Thomson Barry Thomson
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2045 x3244
E-Mail: Barry_Thomson@westvalley.edu
Web: http://instruct.westvalley.edu/thomson


  Biology Support Staff

Peter Lane Peter Lane (Laboratory Technician)
Office: V 5
Phone: (408) 741-2588
E-Mail: Peter_Lane@westvalley.edu
Carol Rhoads Carol Rhoads (Division Secretary)
Phone: (408) 741-2018
E-Mail: Carol_Rhoads@westvalley.edu

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