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Political Ideology

POLITICAL IDEOLOGY TEST -- Where do you fit? Take this typology quiz presented by the Pew Research Center.

Conservative Ideology

bullet TRADITIONALIST CONSERVATISM PAGE -- This is a page devoted to tradition and conservatism, in their various forms, combinations and connections.
bullet THE LEVIATHAN -- Thomas Hobbes' political treatise which still serves as a primary text for conservative thought. See also a BIOGRAPHY on Hobbes.
bullet NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI -- Learn more about the man and his writings which are often cited as the base of realist thinking in international relations.

Liberal Ideology

bullet JOHN LOCKE -- A brief bio, timeline, and links to some of his most famous works.
bullet WEALTH OF NATIONS -- Adam Smith's influential treatise on Laissez-Faire economics. Full text.
bullet THOMAS JEFFERSON'S PAPERS -- Vast resources of this American Liberal thinker containing his Autobiography, Notes on Virginia, and messages to Congress, among other papers.
bullet RISE, DECLINE, AND REEMERGENCE -- An article on Classical Liberalism and its links to Modern Liberalism.
bullet LIBERALISM -- Internet Modern History Sourcebook's links to documents regarding the history of Liberalism.

Radical Ideology

bullet JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU -- Brief bio and links to his most important writings.
bullet PROPAGANDA POSTERS -- Posters from the former Soviet Union, China, and Cuba.
bullet MARXISTS.ORG -- All Marx! All the time! Check out their Internet Archive.
bullet SOCIALIST APPEAL -- The Internet magazine of the Workers International League.
bullet FROM MARX TO MAO -- A digital collection of writings/speeches from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.



bullet SEATTLE ANARCHISM AND REVOLUTION PAGE -- What were the WTO protests all about? Hear an anarchist's viewpoint.
bullet ANARCHIST FAQ PAGE -- Most frequently asked questions about anarchism.


bullet FASCISM: WHAT IS IT AND HOW TO FIGHT IT -- Leon Trotsky's 1930-32 pamphlet.
bullet NAZI PROPAGANDA: 1933-1945 -- Speeches, writings, anti-Semitic and visual material.


bullet FEMINIST.COM -- A grassroots, interactive community by, for and about women aiming to facilitate information-sharing among women and encourage mobilization around political issues
bullet FEMINIST ACTIVIST RESOURCES ON THE NET -- The page's title says it all.
bullet FEMINISM -- Internet Modern History Sourcebook's links to documents regarding the history of Feminism.

last published: 4/1/18