English Prerequisites

English prerequisites can be met by different criteria depending on each student's history.
See below to find where you fit in.

English Assessment Test

Most students are required to take the English Assessment test. Click here for the test schedule.

Students with College Transcripts

Students who have completed English classes at another college should submit their transcripts for review as described here.

Students with High School Transcripts

West Valley College does not accept high school transcripts as proof of English prerequisites. Take the English Assessment Test.

Students with AP Test Results

Students with a score of 3 or higher on the English/Comp or English/Lit tests are exempt from the English test because they count towards college credit.  Bring AP results to the Counseling Office.


Assessment Office
(408) 741-2035
Counseling office
(408) 741-2009

Maps of Testing Sites
Fox (Fox Center)
Bus (Business)

How to Obtain Assessment Scores

Assessment recommendations are available on the date announced in the testing session. You can obtain your scores by:

  1. Authorizing someone else to pick up your scores. First, you must put the request in writing, including your name, WV College ID or Social Security number, the name of the person to whom the scores are to be released, date, and your signature.

  2. Request scores by fax or mail, your written request must include name, WV College ID number, date, and your signature. Fax requests to (408) 741-4076 attn: Assessment Office. Be sure to indicate how the scores are to be returned, either by mail or fax


last published: 8/17/18