Viking Bookstore

Viking Bookstore

Textbook Purchase Options

For each of your classes, you can check listings for required and recommended books, ISBN & edition, price, format and rental availability at B&N College.

You can also link to the B&N site when you register for your classes through the WVC Student Portal.

Purchase In-Store

  • Have a printed copy of your class schedule ready for booksellers to pull your textbooks.
  • If you forget, there will be kiosks set up in Baltic Room A available for use. Student ambassadors will be present during the bookstore's operating hours to provide assistance.
  • Due to liability issues, booksellers cannot accept any electronic device from you (cell phone, tablet, etc.) to take and use as a course schedule reference on the text floor.

Purchase Online

  • Avoid the long lines during the first weeks of class. Purchasing or renting your textbooks from us online is quick and easy.
  • Specify books to be shipped or held for in store pick up.
  • Please be aware that online orders require a minimum of 24 – 48 hours to process and to be available for pick up or shipping.

Viking Bookstore Is Hiring

West Valley College Bookstore is hiring booksellers to work now until the December holiday break, with the possibility of continuing on through Winter Session and Spring Semester 2019 based on availability. We work around student class schedules. Retail experience is a plus, but not required.

last published: 10/19/18