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The Computer Arts & Animation Program at West Valley College exposes students to a full production environment, including conception design, production planning, computer generated as well as physical production, refinement and output of the student's final demo reel. As part of this process, our students collaborate with other programs in our unique Fine Arts Division. This collaboration includes Philosophy in the conceptual design process, TV in production planning and output, Drama in scripting, Theater in voice-over and/or live action, and Music in the scoring of the work. This comprehensive exposure to an actual production environment provides West Valley animation students with an exceptional opportunity to fully develop their technical as well as creative problem solving skills.

Due to our close working relationships with local universities, such as San Jose State and Cal State Monterey, our curriculum has also been designed to prepare students for the transition to a Baccalaureate or Masters program in Computer Arts, Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Design or New Media Art. At least one of these majors is currently offered at all five Bay Area California State Universities.

Career Paths

  • 2D Animators: Animation for entertainment, education, business, or scientific visualization
  • Art Direction for television, film, and multimedia
  • Graphic Designers
  • Interface Designers
  • Sound and Video Producers
  • Production Storyboard Design
  • Video Game Production
  • Commercial Artist

Department Chair

Chris Cryer
FAX: 408.741.2145


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last published: 3/21/18