CAREER PROGRAMS: Computer Arts & Animation

Career Programs


Major Requirements

  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Certificate of Achievement

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • CA 20   Introduction to Mac (1 unit)

  • CA 70   Introduction to PC (1 unit)

Major Requirements

Course Number Course Name Units
ART 55 Introduction to Computer Arts 3
ART 57A Modeling for Animation 3
ART 57B Animation 3
ART 60A Computer Arts: Interactive Digital Video Art 3
ART 60B Computer Arts: Multimedia Art Production 3
ART 31A Basic Drawing 3
ART 33A Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART 33C Color Design 3
Total Number of Units 24

To be awarded an A.A. Degree, a student must complete:

  1. All the major requirements.
  2. Additional units to meet the college general education graduation requirements.

NOTE: Students transferring to SJSU should take ART 31A and ART 31C (Representational Drawing)

Students should check with a counselor to verify their catalog rights and program requirements.

To be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, a student must complete all the major requirements with a grade of C or better.

Suggested Sequence

Semester Course Number
First Semester ART 31, ART 55, ART 57A
Second Semester ART 33A, ART 57B
Third Semester ART 33C, ART 60A
Fourth Semester ART 60B

Career Programs Center
Applied Arts and Sciences: AAS 35

(408) 741-2098


last published: 3/21/18