LEED Internship Program

LEED Internship Program

LA/SS LEED Signage Competition 2015 Winners Announced! Check out Awards and Acknowledgments

LEED Signage Competition   LEED Signage Competition

Don't miss the Info Session on Friday, February 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM in Fox Center 101. Info Session followed by walking tour of LA/SS building.

Internship Mission Statement

The LEED Internship is an innovative initiative demonstrating Excellence in Energy & Sustainability through collaborative decision making involving students, staff and faculty with a purpose of demonstrating measurable results and instituting sustainability education on campus.

About the LEED Internship:

Recent news indicate that professionals with LEED credentials are in great demand. LEED professionals help push building projects achieve greater performance and resource efficiency. LEED certified buildings benefit the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit which are the three pillars of sustainability.

West Valley College campus has been going through renovation and repairs of campus buildings. Buildings are being renovated to be energy efficient and meet LEED requirements. The past successful projects that are LEED certified and/or working towards LEED certification are the Campus Center, The Fox Building, The Language Arts and Social Sciences (LASS) Building, and the Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) Building.

The WVC Interior Design (ID) program is a career program with a long history and a stellar reputation, preparing students to become professional interior designers. Responding to the sobering fact that the built environment is responsible for generating approximately 60% of the green-house gases which threaten our atmosphere, the ID program is committed to providing students with relevant education focused on sustainable design. The Sustainable Design Certificate program is just one example.

The WVC LEED Internship is a response to the call to create qualified professionals to be leaders in an emerging green economy. Created by passionate faculty, students and staff, the mission of the internship is to provide design students with an invaluable sustainable design hands-on experience, on the WVC campus, the very environment that is so dedicated to their education. Current LEED interns include students from the Departments of Interior Design, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture. All LEED interns are active members of USGBC West Valley College Student Chapter.

LEED Credentials:

Interns are encouraged to earn the LEED GA credential through the USGBC (via GBCI testing organization). Working on projects in the internship could likely provide the hands-on LEED experience in order to qualify for the LEED AP exam. Several past and current interns have successfully obtained LEED GA credential by working together in study groups.

Previous LEED Internship Projects:

  • Fox Building Existing Building (EBOM) credits for LEED certification
  • Examining and creating WVC campus (sustainable) landscaping master plan
  • Reporting the events of the Sustainability Committee and Facilities Advisory and Safety Council
  • Other sustainable events and tours

Current LEED Internship Projects:

  • LEED Signage benchmarking
  • LA/SS Building LEED Signage Competition
  • AAS Building Green Wall Research
  • Green Apple Day of Service - empower community with the knowledge about Water Conservation
  • Attend and organize sustainable events and tours

Contact Information:

Need more information? Contact Anna Harrison, ASID, LEED AP, Instructor at anna.harrison@westvalley.edu

last published: 4/1/18