All College Day Committee

Charge: To plan and execute an inclusive celebration of community that is holistic in its approach and inclusive of the entire WVC community, once per semester on the academic calendar FLEX day. The charge further includes promoting a climate of collective engagement by proactively encouraging campus-wide involvement in these two general sessions

  Vision: All members of the college community join together in one location to celebrate what it means to be a community.

  Committee Composition

Chair-selected by the committee

Chair, Professional Development Committee

Classified Senate VP Professional Development

2 classified representatives

2 faculty representatives

2 Student Services representatives

1 Administrative representative

Term: 2 years


Conduct periodic surveys to assess campus-wide needs

Coordinate All College Day General Session

  1. Strategically plan general sessions

  2. Determine focus of general session event

  3. Coordinate logistics (registration, rooms, AV, refreshments, announcements)

Prepare and conduct monthly planning meetings and publish minutes

Coordinate all announcements to college community. Outreach to supervisors, managers, classified staff and faculty

Coordinate with Professional Development to ensure activities meet FLEX requirements

Coordinate with Classified Staff VP to ensure classified staff needs are met.

Administer process for recognition of Oak T.R.E.E. Awards


  1. Build community

  2. Make it FUN

  3. Emphasize sustainability

  4. Maximize Attendance

last published: 9/1/16