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All College Day Schedule

Friday, January 24, 2014:  Accreditation Arcade

Objective of All College Day 2014:

In keeping with the stated mission of the All College Day Committee, the Spring 2014 All College Day will create opportunities for faculty, staff and administration to learn about multiple aspects of campus life in an engaging, enriching, and cross-disciplinary environment. When participants leave the event, they will know the mission statement, the date of the accreditation visit, and what role they play in a successful accreditation visit.

All College Day Spring 2014 Accreditation Arcade


8:30AM - 8:45AM

Registration, Light Breakfast provided by the Mental Health Initiative, BYOB/C

9:00AM  - 9:20AM


9:20AM - 9:30AM

Are you Accreditation READY?

9:35AM -11:00AM

Accreditation Arcade (located in the Baltic Room and Lower lounge)

11:15AM - 11:30AM

Prize Redemption Time- Turn in your tokens for a fully punched passport.

11:35AM - 12:00PM

Chancellor’s message, messages from Academic and Classified Senate presidents.

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Lunch in the Campus Center

1:00PM - 4:00PM

Division/Department meetings - Please schedule your department and division meetings at any time during these 3 hours. 

Stations at the Arcade:

(Stations 1-6 will be in the Baltic room, Stations 7-12 will be in the Lower Lounge)

1) Mission to Accreditation:

 each group will be given a puzzle with the words of the mission statement mixed up. They will be timed to see how long it takes them to put the words in the right order.
Leader: Accreditation Team

2) Plinko is my name-O:

Each group will be given a chip to play the plinko board to test their knowledge on the Human Resources practices and procedures highlighted in accreditation.
Leaders: Human Resources 

3) Budget Planning:

Leader: Pat Fenton & team

4) Integrated Planning Model Darts:

Participants will learn the facets of the Integrated Planning Model while playing darts.
Leader: Accreditation Team

5) Function Junction:

Each group will get sticky notes to write how their function supports student learning. Put it on the function junction train on the table near the entrance to the Campus Center.
Leader: Professional Development Committee

6) Sustainability Spin and Win:

 Participants will spin the wheel and name three things that West Valley College is doing for the topic where the wheel stops spinning. Prizes will be organic whole fruit.  Folks will also be asked to tell us what they do and/or teach (Curriculum) that is related to sustainability on our campus and they will be extended an invitation to join the committee.
Leader: Sustainability Committee

7) Valleywood Squares:

The 10,000 pyramid game where you read the word and you give your partner clues to get them to guess the word or acronym that relates to vocabulary needed during the accreditation visit.   
Leader: Accreditation Team

8) Distance Learning Basketball:

Participants will learn about distance learning topics needed for accreditation as they shoot baskets.
Leader: Distance Learning Committee

9) Graduation Ring Toss:

Participants will be given the chance to ‘graduate’ as quickly as possible by tossing a ring. They will also be given the principles of On Course.
Leader: On Course Group

10) Support for the Distressed Student:

The bingo card activity will support participants with information regarding how to support a student who is showing signs of distress.  It will encourage our community to consult with MHSAC when in doubt of how to handle a stressful student scenario.  It will also showcase those community members who feel comfortable and have utilized the support of Health Services, Mental Health Student Advisory Council and/or who have referred students to a conduct process in the past.
Leader: Mental Health Initiative

11) Digging Discovery in the Library:

Through a guided search, participants will learn how the library can help them have a successful accreditation visit.
Leader: Library

12) Veteran Connection:

Share with faculty/staff some of the difficulties that veterans face in the educational environment and how you can assist veterans overcome such difficulties in your classroom, leading to successful completion & transfer.
Leader: Veteran’s Affairs Council

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