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Student Services Council


A policy recommending group to the College Council.

SSC members 2013

Mission Statement:

Student Services enriches the educational experience of students by providing programs, services and instruction that engages them in their learning and empowers them to attain their academic, personal and life goals.

This mission is informed by the following guiding principles:

  1. Promotion of Self Responsibility and Empowerment

  2. Student Success

  3. Collaborative Community for Support

  4. Equity and Diversity

  5. Forward Thinking


Meeting Location: 
Kirkorian Pavilion 

(Outdoor Conference Room)


Occurs every 1st & 3rd Tuesday
from 12:30 PM to 2:00 P.M.


Victoria Hindes, Vice President, Student Services
Barbara Ogilvie, Assistant Director A&R
Becky Perelli, Director, Health Services
Bernadette Walker, Coordinator, Veterans Support & Classified Senate Representative
Carol Pavan, Stu. Serv. Division Chair
Cheryl Miller, Director, DESP
Elise Johnson, Director, TRiO
Freba Cognetta, Articulation
Gretchen Ehlers, Coordinator,
First Year Experience
Herlisa Hamp, Director, Enrollment Admissions & Records/Assessment & Testing Centers
Inge Bond, Research Analyst
Irene Serna, Director, EOPs
Jean Finch, College Council Representative
Joe McDevitt Coordinator, Outreach
LeAnn McGinley, Assessment/Curriculum
Maritza Cantarero, Director, Financial Aid
Marta Mora-Evans, CalWorks
Maryanne Mills, Senate/ Faculty Representative, Library
Melissa Salcido, Department Chair, Counseling
Michelle Donohue-Mendoza, Director,
Student Development
Sara Whitney Patterson, ASO Representative (Student Representative)

Stephanie Kashima, Dean, Instruction
and Student Success
Susan Wolfe, Barnes and Noble Representative


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