Integrated Planning

At West Valley College the college community is engaged in a deliberate and strategic integrated planning process in which student learning outcome assessments inform the writing of program reviews that in turn inform budget planning and resource allocation decisions. Integrated Planning is one of the three institutional priorities set forth as part of the college’s Institutional Effectiveness framework.

By engaging in a thoughtful process that originates from the heart of the college environment - college classrooms and student service venues - program leaders are able to look candidly at student learning assessment results when they discuss and write about how their programs are doing and what their program needs are for the future. The Program Review Committee identifies critical themes which inform College Council deliberations and annual goal planning. College Council annual goal planning addresses the most appropriate uses for college funds in order to best accomplish the college's mission. The Program Review Committee collects and posts all resource requests on the Program Review website in order to inform the Budget & Resource Advisory Council (BRAC). BRAC then addresses budget refinement, resource allocation priorities, and budget submissions.

The college's effective and well-documented, integrated planning process has resulted in a clear cycle of "reviewing, planning, and doing" in which all college stakeholders are thoughtfully engaged in achieving optimal outcomes based on the college community's most important needs.

Integrated Planning Graphic

Integrated Planning Team

last published: 12/11/18