Event Date
  • All College Day presentation on Accreditation, Integrated Planning, and Student Success Act
August 2012
  • Reconvene Steering committee (SC) Writing process begins
  • SC Co-chairs reconvene writing teams, begin writing process
  • Student and Employee survey results inclusion in the document
  • Identify district-wide committee reports and confirm status
  • Disjoint continues
September 2012
  • Transfer outline contents to writing template
  • 10/19: First draft due in Angel
  • 10/26: Steering Committee review
  • Editor begins editing across standards for consistency and evidence organization
October 2012
  • Writing by writing team and review by the Steering committee
  • Continue Evidence organization online continues
November 2012
  • Draft check via Steering Committee
  • Prepare for campus-wide draft
  • Ensure all necessary reports on campus and district-wide to be in good shape review
December 2012
  • Editing continues
  • Evidence organization continues
January 2013
  • Campus-wide draft review and feedback
  • Editing continues, including campus-wide feedback
  • Prepare for President’s review of the draft
February 2013
  • Editing and evidence organization continues
March 2013
  • Editing and evidence organization continuesMay ask College Council for initial review
April 2013
  • ”Snap Shot” taken
  • Editing and evidence organization continues
May 2013
  • Editing and evidence organization continues
June 2013
  • Fine-tune editing and evidence link check
  • Identify and plan for Accreditation team room and evidence room set up
July 2013
  • Finalize editing
  • All College Day Campus-wide review
August 2013
  • College Council 1st review
September 2013
  • College Council (final approval)
  • President’s approval
October 2013
  • Evidence link check, hard evidence organization
  • Report submitted to Chancellor
  • Board of Trustees First reading
November 2013
  • Printed documents and CDs are ready
  • Board of Trustees Final approval
  • Access check
December 2013
  • Submission to ACCJC (8 weeks prior to the visit)
  • Begin preparation for the team visit, logistic arrangements
  • Steering Committee team visit orientation
  • Campus-wide visiting team orientation
January 2014
  • Hotel and other arrangements ready for the team
  • Evidence check
February 2014
  • Team visit - week of March 17 
March 2014
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