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Training Programs

Below are descriptions and available classes for ATTE sponsored programs. For Registration instructions click here. For detailed descriptions of the classes in Spanish please see our section in En Español.

Click here for information on LEED GA Prep Lunch & Learn scheduled for 2/22/13.

K-12 Resources

Energy Management Program

This course is designed to help students gain the skills needed to work in the Green Energy Economy by providing an understanding of energy and electricity transmission, distribution and use as well as an introduction to energy auditing skills for both residential and commercial markets. After taking this class, students understand what is needed to work in the energy profession. Hands-on labs are offered to teach students to conduct energy audits and use diagnostic instruments to gather energy efficiency data, compute energy use and building performance, and prepare energy profile reports.

Geospatial Technology/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

ARCGIS 10 & GPS for Field Data Collection/Analysis: This 3-day course focuses on the use of Trimble GPS Units for Field Data Collection and the use of that data with ARCGIS 10 with an introduction to the aspects of a data collection project with GPS Pathfinder Office 5.0 software and TerraSync Professional Field Software. Students will including plan a project, create a data dictionary, work with background files, perform GPS navigation, learn differential correction and how to export data to ARCGIS 10.

Intro to ENVI 5.0 Remote Sensing: This 3-day course is designed to introduce the student to the basics of ENVI 5.0. Topics to be covered will include navigation through the new one window display, raster management, display concepts, image to map registration, regions of interest and classification, working vector data, and feature extraction. Various exercises will enhance student learning in vegetation analysis, change detection and burn severity mapping and teach integration with ARCGIS 10.

Remote Sensing with ARCGIS 10: This 3-day course is designed to provide current ARCGIS 10 users with the tools used to complete remote sensing analysis projects within ARCGIS 10. We will work with the available analysis tools to complete several hands-on exercises, analyze NDVI, Pan-Sharpening, orthorectification, hillshades, stretching, mosaicking, image differencing and more!

The GeoSpatial Technology Program at West Valley College offers a 30 unit GIS certificate program, which includes seven 3-unit GIS courses and 2 Geography courses, click here for course information.


Solar Photovoltaic Project Management
Training focused on Solar PV components and systems, site analysis, design tools, and the knowledge you need to get a job or advance your career in the solar industry. Learn about residential rebates, tax incentives, permitting, jurisdictional issues, and other key skills needed to work in the solar field. Hands- on labs will be conducted with solar assessment tools & energy consumption data. With the knowledge gained in this course, students may be qualified to work as a Solar Site Planner, or Project Manager.

Solar Thermal Installer/Technician
This training focuses on solar hot water installation. This class will be a combination of classroom and hands on training. Topics such as technology, safety, axillary heating and commercial systems, along with much more will be covered. This training will prepare students to work as Solar Thermal Installers.

Pavement Management

Energy Efficiency and LEED

This course covers important aspects of the requirements for energy efficient buildings. Key topics include: Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation - HVAC, lighting, lighting controls, and insulation. Also includes discussion of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and Green Building concepts.

Introduction to Renewable Energy

This course is designed to improve your base knowledge of renewable energy to provide you with a foundation for working in the Green Technology sector. It will give you an understanding of the basic concepts of renewable energy technologies, including Solar PV, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydroelectric.

Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Technology

The ATTE is participating in a project with the California Energy Commission to provide regional alternative fuel and vehicle training throughout California. This training is free and is part of funding through AB 118. Please contact us if your agency would like to receive on-site training.

California Advanced Lighting Control Training Program (CALCTP)

CALCTP is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings. CALCTP will educate, train and certify state-certified general electricians in the proper design, installation and commissioning of advanced lighting control systems.


Introduction to OSHA, OSHA Focus Four, Fall Protection, Electrical, Struck by, Caught between, Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment, Health Hazards in Construction, plus Electives.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

West Valley College offers a LEED internship through the Interior Design Department's Sustainability program, which is sponsored, in part by the ATTE. Find out more here: WVC Interior Design

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep : This Exam Preparation course is offered to help students pass the LEED Green Associate Exam and earn the Green Associate credential offered by the USGBC. The LEED Green Associate credential is for professionals who want to demonstrate a basic knowledge of green building, construction operations and design.

Green Information Technology (IT)

IT Professionals/Students, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Managers, Architects, Facilities Managers, Commercial Developers or Contractors who are interested in learning about the role of information and communication technology in building a sustainable enterprise are encourage to attend/network.

Google SketchUp for Solar Design & Sustainable Architecture

This hands-on course prepares students to use Google SketchUp for rendering 3D building models with basic sustainable design considerations and to perform a sun and shade analysis on these models. Students will also learn how to geo-locate their models and import Google Earth images.


last published: 3/21/18