Class Schedules

2014 winter/spring   2013 summer/fall

Class Schedules

2012 Summer/ Fall 2013 Winter/Spring schedule cover

Over 80,000 2013 Winter/ Spring schedules were delivered to productive carrier mail routes, neighboring universities, libraries, businesses, local high schools, as well as made available on campus. 

Homepage Banners
writing center banner midfall 13 banner open seats banner adt banner

bookstore fall banner transfer ss day banner
parking banner assessment banner
fall semester banner payment banner
summer session banner grad banner

Flyers - Courses and Programs, Theater and Musical Performances, and Public Announcements

LIBR 4 Golden Boy Fall Debut   No Smoking Social Media English Tutoring Choir

In addition to posters advertising student performances to the community, the Graphics Department also creates flyers (upon request) for classes and programs. See more flyers. To see an example of the range of promotional pieces produced by the marketing department for a single event, take a look at the collateral produced for "Night of the Iguana"

Newspaper Advertising

hyundae esl ad india currents esl ad korea times esl ad thang mo esl ad thoi bao esl ad epoch times esl ad

  metro ad aug 2013   sv comm ad 2   sjsu spartan ad sv comm paper ad  
  HS insert   Spartan Daily ad   Community ad   Spartan Daily ad

Every semester, West Valley College advertisements can be seen in local high school newspapers, San Jose State's  Spartan Daily, and Silicon Valley Community newspapers highlighting concurrent enrollment, short sessions, tuition cost savings. See more newspaper ads

Community Outreach - Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest CJ & LK   WVC banner

During the festive weekend, approximately 40,000 people strolled through the streets of Downtown Campbell, where West Valley College administrators, faculty, counselors, and staff handed out flyers and pamphlets, as well as answered questions from prospective students.  

Bus Tail Advertisements

  Bus Tail ad    Bus Tail in action       Bus Tail in action   Bus Tail Ad

25 VTA bus tails traveled through the "Chaboya" routes, which serve south, east, and west San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Campbell between mid-November and mid-January. See more bus ads 


   early admissions info night   summer mailer 2013 Senior Mailer brochure    Summer Mailer 2012  

A Senior Mailer containing degree and certificates lists and financial aid information will be sent to high school students; last year, 65,000 Summer Mailers containing steps to enroll and important contact information were delivered to productive areas and currently enrolled students. See more mailer content.  

On-Campus Sandwich Boards


midfall 13 sandwich fall 13 sandwich summer fall 13 sandwich  


Mid-Spring Sandwich Spring Sandwich Board Fall Sandwich Board                 

Cost-effective, large, colorful posters are made and assembled in-house are placed in strategic high traffic areas around campus to highlight a particular message to students.    

Website as a marketing tool

Often the first contact prospective students and their parents have is through the college website. The recent conversion to the OmniUpdate web management system was coupled with extensive design research methods to create a website that was pleasing to look at, organized in a structured and easy to navigate way, and features a style that is consistent across all college web pages. There are a variety of ways visitors can find information about all aspects of the college and the top of the homepage features rotating photos that highlight various college programs and offerings. An online orientation video is being produced that will give new and prospective students a general overview of the college. It will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to enroll and register for classes, seek counseling help, and get info about financial aid and assessment testing.

Social Media

The Facebook page features college news, upcoming deadlines, course offerings, and provides updates on campus activities. The page is loaded with photos and graphics and promotes interaction between the college and viewers.

Twitter and Instagram feature short messages and stand alone photos, respectively, offering information and announcements about the college.

Our YouTube channel features dozens of college, faculty, and staff produced video and audio recordings including lectures, guest speakers, performances and events.

We also post college events on the SJ Mercury News and Metro online community bulletin board/event pages, and also on the Campbell, Saratoga, and Los Gatos Patch (local news) websites. 

Digital Signage

fall 13 ds last fall 13 add ds summer 13 ds couns 50 ds english 72 ds libr 4 ds
midfall 2012 ds mu 67 ds retail ds english 10 library fall hours ds drip coffee ds career day ds international coffee ds

In new and remodeled buildings the AV design features large digital signage flatscreens, mounted in Fox, Science and Math, and the Campus Center. This effort includes graphics highlighting classes, programs, and events. Scrolling text offers a list of current events and activities, and important dates and deadlines. See more digital signage  

New Parking Permit Design - samples of proposed designs below

Parking Permit Parking Permit Parking Permit Parking Permit

Every semester thousands of students and hundreds of employees attach the generic WVMCCD parking permit to the front window of their cars. We are working with the district police and parking enforcement team in designing new permits that feature the college logo as the predominant element on the permit. A separate design for each campus is being proposed with the permit being good at both campuses. If approved, there will be no additional cost for the production of these new permits. See more proposed parking permit samples

last published: 4/1/18