Student eLearning at West Valley College

- - where the power of technology and trained instructors and counselors make it possible for you to access higher education without having to be physically present at a specific place and time.


eLearning courses reduce your travel time and cost, meet the needs of your learning style, and the demands of your personal and professional schedule, mobility restrains or disabilities.

eLearning courses help to prepare you to work and live in an increasingly borderless  world. Like their face-to-face counterparts, eLearning courses may meet general and transfer requirements for public and private colleges and universities. 

eLearning (also known as online) courses are delivered using the Web, Internet and interactive electronic communication tools such as the Canvas course management system, chats, podcasts, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, social media, email and video conferencing. 


last published: 3/21/18