Yes! Your success in eLearning depends a great deal on how you prepare for the virtual class environment. Readiness to succeed in an online course should begin by taking inventory of your personal skills and aptitudes. Research affirms that these six attributes are very important.Grad

  • Self-motivation: the ability to take charge of your learning, to complete course requirements, and to strive for academic and personal success.
  • Independent learning: willingness to initiate learning on your own, and to understand how a virtual classroom fits your own learning style.
  • Computer literacy: having basic knowledge of the course management system, hardware and software required, word processing, the Internet, keyboarding, email and other tools for communicating.
  • Time management: the ability to organize, plan and balance demands in your life.
  • Effective written communication skills: taking assessment tests in English and Reading helps to reveal your proficiency.
  • Personal commitment: a strong desire and a strong commitment to achieve success. 

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Those attributes help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in these important areas

  • Experience with technology
  • Access to tools
  • Study habits
  • Lifestyle, life demands, schedule
  • Personal goals and purpose for taking an online class
  • Learning preference and learning style

Understanding those strengths and weaknesses then helps you to gauge that in order to succeed in the virtual classroom you must

  • Understand the needs of learning online

  • Have the right skills and resources

  • Receive training in the tools you'll use

  • Budget time wisely

  • Ask for help

And by the first official day of the course, you should be ready to meet your obligations

  • Understand that an online course is not a correspondence course, or an independent study

  • Understand that there are timelines and deadlines

  • Understand that communicating standards are different from those in the F2F environment

  • Know how to contact the instructor

  • Know the course's netiquette and standards for collaboration

last published: 3/21/18