Characteristics of a Successful eLearning Student


WVC offers students multiple support services to help them succeed in their eLearning classes, but ultimately it is up to each student to determine his/her success. Students who do well in eLearning classes are organized, focused, able to plan and meet deadlines, to work independently and collaboratively, pay attention to details, follow instructions, and be at ease using various technologies. 

Preparing to take an online course is a key factor in being successful. Preparing, before the class begins, entails the following:

  • Knowing that online courses are rigorous and demand investment in time, attention and energy.

  • Determining if online courses are a fit.

  • Learning how to use Canvas, the course management system.

  • Learning how to use the internet and to troubleshoot basic problems with computers.

  • Asking the instructor about expectations and work load.

  • Determining to be engaged and fully involved in the class assignments and activities.

  • Determining to do more than the bare minimum amount of work that is required. 

  • Determining to dedicate at least 6 hours per week to just one course.

  • Placing due dates for assignments and activities in a personal calendar.

  • Balancing life demands and leaving time to be able to reflect on the course content and assignments. 

  • Being familiar with support services and knowing what to do if the class seems too challenging.

Learning Styles

One of the most important steps students can take to prepare themselves is to understand their own learning "styles." Online courses can be better suited to some learning styles more than others. Following is rudimentary information about the most common learning styles: 

  • Visual/Verbal learners prefer to learn by reading information

  • Visual/Nonverbal learners prefer to learn by seeing graphics and diagrams

  • Auditory/Verbal learners prefer to learn by listen to information

  • Tactile/Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by having physical hands-on experiences

For more information about learning styles, and to complete a questionnaire that will help in identifying your own learning style, click on this external website: "What's YOUR Learning Style?"

last published: 3/21/18