Students: Is eLearning right for you?

eLearning courses require that you manage your time and that you work both independently and collaboratively with other students in the class. Success in these courses requires that you be self-directed, self-motivated and self-confident.

Managing time and life demands are significant contributors to succeeding in eLearning. Those who succeed spend at least 6 hours a week on each 3-unit class. This survey will help you to determine the level of your skill in managing your time. It is important that you be honest with yourself. There are no right or wrong answers. 

Keep track of your A, B or C answers. At the end of the survey you will analyze your score.

  1. I have a "to do" list.

    1. Yes, and my list is realistic, plus I have it on my calendar so that I don't miss due dates.

    2. Yes, and my list is realistic; I take on only what I can accomplish.

    3. No, I don't have a "to do" list.

  2. I have a job and other demands on my life.

    1. I only work 20 hours per week and I have help in accomplishing all other demands on my life.

    2. I work more than 20 hours a week but control the number of other activities in my life.

    3. Yes, I work 40 or more hours a week, so my life is rushed.

  3. My family and friends get upset with me because I usually miss appointments or I'm late.

    1. No, that's not true; I'm usually punctual and aware of what I'm supposed to be doing.

    2. Yes, that's generally true, but when It's something important I show up on time.

    3. Yes, that's completely true.

  4. I do my best work right before it's due when I'm feeling the pressure.

    1. No, that's not true; I organize and plan my work load so that I have time to review my school assignments before I submit it.

    2. Yes, that's true sometimes when life circumstances get in the way.

    3. Yes, that's completely true. I tend to procrastinate.

  5. I have a scheduled "time to study" time on my calendar.

    1. Yes, and that time is sacred.

    2. Yes, but I often have to change the time because other things come up.

    3. I don't schedule time to study.

  6. I check class assignments as soon as they are posted, and I start to work right away.

    1. Yes, most times I'm the first to submit the work.

    2. Yes, I check the assignments, but I don't start working on them until the day before they're due.

    3. I'm too busy, so I check assignments only once a week.

  7. In addition to my job and other life demands, I usually take a full load of courses.

    1. No, I take only a couple of classes at a time, because I have too many other responsibilities.

    2. Yes, I take a full load of classes but I have arranged to get help with meeting the rest of my life demands.

    3. Yes, I take a full load because I have to hurry and get my degree.

  8. I usually schedule "down time" for myself, so I can reflect on things, especially what I'm learning in class.

    1. Yes, I have "down time" and I find that helps me with understanding class content and everything else in my life.

    2. Yes, I schedule "down time," but usually I have to do something else instead.

    3. No, I'm too busy to be able to schedule "down time."

  9. I have a special place (or places) where I do my school work.

    1. Yes, and my family and friends know that I can't be disturbed when I'm in my special place doing my school work.

    2. Yes, but it is hard to set aside the time to get to my special place to do school work.

    3. No, I don't have a special dedicated place (or places) where I do my school work.

  10. I have difficulty understanding certain subjects (like mathematics and writing), so I schedule extra time to visit the tutorial center or to get help from someone else.

    1. Yes, I am really good at scheduling extra time and getting extra help to finish work in my "hard" classes.

    2. Yes, I schedule some extra time, but I can't do it every week.

    3. No, I don't have extra time to spare.

  11. I schedule time to see my instructors in person, or to talk with them on the phone.

    1. Yes, and I make sure to stay in touch with them through email too.

    2. Yes, but only when I don't do well on an assignment.

    3. No, I'm too busy to spend time talking with my instructors. 

Score your answers as follows:
Give yourself 3 points for every A answer.
Give yourself 2 points for every B answer.
Give yourself 0 points for every C answer.
Analyze your score as follows:

  • 21 - 33 points: You are probably suited for eLearning courses. This score indicates that you are a self-disciplined proactive learner who completes tasks on time.
  • 11 - 20 points: You probably need to think very carefully about taking courses online. This score indicates that you probably don't enjoy structure, organization, and completing tasks within timed constraints.
  • Less than 10 points: You are probably better suited for taking courses in the traditional face-to-face mode.
last published: 8/25/16