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Jason Challas

Jason Challas


Art Instructor

(408) 741-2542


Art  31

Courses Taught / Teaching

Art 03a, Workshop–Museum and Gallery Operations
Art 31A, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31A Schedule
Art 31B, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31B Schedule
Art 31C, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31C Schedule

Art 33a, 2-D Design Syllabus   
Art 33c, Color Design Syllabus 
33a&c -- Project 1 Files 
33a&c -- Montage Lesson Files
Art 55 Int. to Comp. Art Syllabus
Art 55 ON-LINE section Syllabus  
Art 55 assignments 1-5

Actionscript 3 nav reference

Actionscript 3 code snippets

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