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Jason Challas

Jason Challas


Art Instructor

(408) 741-2542


Art  31

Courses Taught / Teaching

Summer 2018 Arts 55 On-line syllabus
Summer 2018 Arts 55 On-line schedule

Art 33a, 2-D Design Syllabus   
33a&c -- Project 1 Files 
33a&c -- Montage Lesson Files
Art 55 ON-LINE section Syllabus  
Art 55 assignments 1-5

Actionscript 3 nav reference

Actionscript 3 code snippets

Previous Classes Taught:
Art 03a, Workshop–Museum and Gallery Operations
Art 31A, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31A Schedule
Art 31B, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31B Schedule
Art 31C, Drawing Syllabus
Art 31C Schedule
Art 33c, Color Design Syllabus 
Art 55 Int. to Comp. Art Syllabus

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