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Jen Ho

Jen Ho



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Courses Taught / Teaching

American Race Relations

Introduction to Sociology

Human Sexuality

Minorities in the U.S.

Social Problems

Academic Service


M.A. - Sociology


B.A. - Sociology concentration in Criminology



2018 FA textbooks

Intro to Sociology

Essentials of Sociology: A -Down-To-Earth Approach (10th edition or higher) by James Henslin


Social Problems

Social Problems (5th or 6th ed.) by John Macionis


Race and Ethnicity

Majority-Minority Relations (6th ed. with Census update) by John Farley


Sociology of Gender

The Sociology of Gender: A Brief Introduction (4th edition) by Laura Kramer and Ann Beutel




* You do not need to purchase any additional publisher software for the courses.

** You can rent each course's textbooks for 10 cans through the Books for Food Program.

For more info:   http://westvalley.edu/services/auxiliary/books-for-food.html



last published: 7/16/18