Faculty & Staff

Diane Hurd

Diane Hurd

Interior Design

Division Chair, Applied Arts and Sciences; Instructor, Interior Design

(408) 741-2110 or (408) 741-2406


Applied Arts and Sciences 1A

Courses Taught / Teaching

ID 05, Intro. to Interior Design

ID 10, Elements and Principles

ID 15, Interior Architectural Drafting

ID 20, Color Theory and Application

ID 25, Interior Finish Materials

ID 30, Graphic Techniques

ID 40, Residential Design

ID 45, Professional Practice

ID 50, Kitchen and Bath Design

ID 55, Estimating and Costing

ID 60, Commercial Design

ID 80, Advanced Commercial Design

ID 80B, Advanced Residential Design

ID 85, Design Detailing

ID 90, Internships

Academic Service






last published: 3/21/18