Faculty & Staff

Kristen Jackanich (Freeman)

Kristen Jackanich (Freeman)


Math Instructor

(408) 741-3950



Courses Taught / Teaching

Current Courses:

Math 903: Elementary Algebra

Math 105: Pre-Statistics


Past Courses:

Math 903 (formerly 103) (F14, S16, F16, S17, F18)

Math 104R (W16, Sum16, W17, Sum17)

Math 106 (F12, F13, S14, S15)

Math 106R (S13, F13)

Math 105 (formerly 106S) (S17, F18)

Math 10 (F13, S14, S15, Sum15, F15, S16, Sum16, F16, Sum17, S18, Sum18)

Math 1 (F15, S16)

Math 2 (S13, F14, F16)

Math 3A (S14, Sum14, F14, F15, S17, S18)

Math 3B (S15)


Master of Arts, Mathematics, San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Science, with a major in Mathematics and a Minor in Education, University of California, Davis


Academic Service

Professional Development Committee



Five time recipient of the

Alpha Gamma Sigma, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Award


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last published: 7/31/18