Disability & Educational Support Program (DESP)

Welcome to DESP
John Farley, 2010 Commencement Valedictorian and DESP Student

If you are a student with a disability that affects your education, the Disability and Educational Support Program (DESP) can assist you in achieving your educational goals. We provide a variety of services and specialized courses designed to insure access to all campus programs, services, and facilities, and to facilitate maximum student independence and success. DESP provides help with:

If you are requesting services, you will need to meet eligibility criteria. A physical, mental learning, or sensory disability that qualifies for academic accommodations under the law must be verified by a credentialed, certified, or licensed professional. A counselor or program specialist will guide you through the intake and verification process.

To begin the process, complete the DESP application available under General Forms and submit it along with your documentation of your disability to DESP.

Accommodation Information

DESP offers a variety of services to support you along your pathways to reach your career and/or transfer goals.


DESP Office & Test Center 


Summer 2017 Hours

Monday - Thursday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
DESP Location : LS Building

DESP Voice (408) 741-2010

DESP TTY (408) 741-2658

DESP Fax (408) 867-4882

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