Learning Disability Services


If you think you may have a learning disability, make an appointment with a learning specialist to see if assessment is recommended. Counselors and learning specialists can recommend special courses which will help you with learning strategies, reading, basic math and writing.

Support Labs

  • LS 931B Effective Learning: Math Lab - Application of math strategies for algebraic and other mathematical course work. Taken concurrently with a designated Math Department course.
  • LS 943 A Writing Support - Application of writing strategies for English course work. Taken concurrently with designated English Department courses.


  • LS 942 Effective Critical Reading - Strategies to improve reading comprehension for college level reading.
  • LS 001 Learning Strategies for College and Life - Study skills, goal setting, time management, memory, test taking strategies, note taking, and learning styles.
  • LS 944 Effective Learning: Math Processing - Basic math and algebra concepts.
  • LS 941B Effective Sentence & Paragraph Writing - Paragraph development, organization, basic grammar and mechanics.
  • LS 941C Effective Essay Writing - Essay development and organization.

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