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Puente English 905

Course Description

Puente is a year-long program that consists of three equally important parts: 1)the counseling class, 2)the writing class, and 3)the mentor connection. English 905 is the writing component. This is your preparation class for collegiate level English. It is a credit⁄no credit class, which means you do not get a letter grade, you either pass and get your 3 units, or you get a no credit and must retake it before you go on to the second semester of Puente. However, just because this is a credit⁄no credit class doesn´t make it any less important than letter-grade classes.

This class will cover writing fundamentals: brainstorming, essay drafting, revising, editing, and grammar practice. I´m sure you´ve heard that the more you read, the better you write; therefore, we will read and discuss your essays, your classmates´, and published works.


Puente English 1A

Education, Class, Race and Gender
CSU and UC Transferable Course

Course Description and Goals

This course will raise, and require you to critically examine, key questions as you continue to cross other bridges and achieve more of your goals. The following will be central questions to this course: What is the America Dream? Why are you in college? Do you question the institutions you are a part of, like your school, family or government? How have family, academic experiences, class status and gender shaped your attitudes and goals? It is your responsibility to be a critical thinker and give serious thought to everything you choose to do in your life, even small decisions you make on a daily basis.

English 1A is a collegiate level course, meaning that it is transferable, and as such, will be taught with the same level of expectations that a 4 year university would have. You will have homework every single time we meet, even if it means reviewing or rereading notes and essays we´ve already covered in class. You will have 3 formal essays and a research essay. You will also be called upon to present or lead certain class discussions.


  • The Least You Should Know About English
  • Rereading America
  • Webster´s Collegiate English Dictionary
  • 2 large Bluebooks
  • Computer Disk (Save EVERYTHING on both the disk AND the hard drive)
  • Recommended: a small tape recorder for recording interviews


Counseling Center
(408) 741-2009
Counseling Building
(behind Admissions & Records)


Rebecca Cisneros

Melissa J. Salcido
(408) 741-2102




last published: 3/21/18