Transfer Planning

First Steps

  • Attend an Orientation
  • Meet with a counselor to explore your transfer options
  • Identify a major
  • Identify your GE pattern (IGETC or CSU GE)
  • For UC & CSU transfers, Assist to see what courses are required for your majors


  • Research the colleges & universities you are considering for transfer
  • Go to the individual college or university's website for their transfer requirements
    • Particularly if you are interested in transferring to a private and/or out-of-state university
  • Create an educational plan with a counselor
  • Attend Transfer Day in the Fall Semester
  • Plan campus visits (you can book tours online)
  • Visit the Transfer Center Calendar to learn about transfer events on campus, including:
    • Transfer workshops
    • Campus tours to four year colleges/universities
    • University representative visits to our campus (for appointments or presentations)

Transfer Checklist

One Year Prior to Transferring (Fall Semester)

  • Apply for a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) if applicable
  • Apply to transfer: CSU, UC, or Common Application
  • Attend one (or all) of the following Transfer Application Workshops:
    • September
      • UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Application Workshop
    • October - December
      • UC, CSU, and/or Common Application Workshop
      • UC Personal Insight Question Workshop
  • Check each university's Portal on a weekly basis for any special requests or "To Do" lists
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA or the California Dream Act Application by March 2 deadline)

Last Full Semester Prior to Transferring (Spring Semester)

  • Update your applications in January (all UC and some CSU campuses will ask for an update)
  • Apply for your Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) in January (if applicable)
  • Apply for housing at the university you are applying to transfer to (if applicable)
  • File your Student Intent to Register (SIR) by May 1 for CSU's or June 1 for UC's
  • Register for your new college/university's New Student Orientation

Be Aware of Application Deadlines

  Fall Spring
CSU October 1 – November 30 August 1 – 31*
UC November 1 – 30 October 1 – 31
UC TAG September 1 – 30 N/A
Private Varies by campus Varies by campus
Out of State Varies by campus Varies by campus

* Campuses that accept spring applicants are limited and vary each year

last published: 3/21/18