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Are you one of 140 students eligible for the TRiO Program? It’s a grant West Valley receives from the U.S. Department of Education to increase our students’ chances of staying in college, graduating, and even going on to a four-year university.

We are proud to announce that we are here to assist you to achieve your educational goal. The TRiO Program is a federally funded student support services program for low income, first generation students who are motivated to succeed in college.

TRiO offers a comprehensive set of services designed to increase your academic success at West Valley College and assist you in transferring to a university. As you learn from our excellent faculty, our aim is to provide the college success skills that will assure you achieve your academic goals.

EOPS is located in the WVC Silver Center, below the bookstore. Please stop by to determine your eligibility.

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  • Academic and personal needs assessment
  • Orientation to the college and to the SSS/Trio program
  • Academic advising/Transfer Services
  • Financial aid assistance
  • University Tours & Cultural events
  • Career development
  • Personalized Tutoring/one-to-one tutoring
  • Math and English “Boot Camps”
  • Monitoring of program and degree requirements
  • Academic incentives
  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • AA/S and transfer planning
  • Visits to four-year universities
  • Financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • Educational support such as tutorial assistance, study skills, workshops, mentors, and access to computers
  • Cultural enrichment activities.


Christina Llerena
TRiO Counselor & Director
(408) 741-2607

Jim Winkler
TRiO Counselor
(408) 741-2170

John Cognetta
TRiO Counselor
(408) 741-2411

Susie Tong
TRiO Program Specialist
(408) 741-2143

last published: 1/11/18