Financial Aid Calendar

Programs Disbursements Deadlines

Pell Grant

Fall: 8/28, 10/27

Spring: 1/29, 3/30

* Dates may be subject to change *

Fall: May include payment for late start classes if enrolled by 10/23/17 and start by 11/2/17.

Spring: May include payment for late start classes if enrolled by 3/28/18 and start by 4/6/18.

Students must turn in all Financial Aid documents four weeks prior to the scheduled disbursement dates.

Cal Grant

Fall: TBD

Spring: 2/15

* Dates may be subject to change *

*Fall 2017 Cal Grant disbursements are slightly delayed due to the new system implementation.  We do expect this issue to be resolved soon.  Please be advised for future updates.

May include additional $500 payment for the new Full-Time Student Success Grant if enrolled in 12 or more units and have unmet need.


Fall: 8/28

Spring: 1/29


Federal Work Study

Monthly Paycheck



Fall: 9/22, 10/27

Spring: 1/29, 3/30

* Dates may be subject to change *

Fall Priority Filing: 11/10/17

Spring Priority Filing: 4/10/18

Loan Entrance Session


NOTE: Students should contact the Financial Aid office for one-on-one consultation.

California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW)


2017-18 Deadline: 5/25/18

Financial Aid Appeal 


Summer Deadline: 7/12/17  

Fall Deadline: 11/6/17

Spring Deadline: 4/17/18

Your eligibility for the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW) for the Summer 2018 semester may be pending. In order for the Spring CCPG eligibility to be assessed, the Admissions Office will be updating students’ academic standing after the Spring 2018 semester grades are posted.  
Starting May 5, you may log in to the WVC Portal to check your CCPG status. If you do not see that the Summer CCPG has been awarded, please check with the Financial Aid Office for updates.  

Keys to Disbursement:

  • Pell grant and Loans will be divided into two disbursements in the Fall semester and two disbursements in the Spring semester.
  • Disbursements are issued to students with a completed Financial Aid file, enrolled and will be confirmed with an "Official Award Notification" email.
  • Students receiving Loans and Cal grant must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive the disbursement.
  • Students on Financial Aid Disqualification are not eligible for disbursement.
  • Disbursements are issued on the BankMobile Debit Card or ACH processing.  For more information, visit:
  • Please notify our office if you have not received your Bank Mobile Debit Card in the mail.
last published: 4/5/18