Financial Aid Calendar

Programs Disbursements Deadlines

Pell Grant

Fall: 8/29, 10/28

Spring: 1/30, 3/30

Fall:May include payment for late start Fall classes if enrolled by 10/23/16 and start by 11/2/16.

Spring: May include payment for late start Spring classes if enrolled by 3/26/17 and starts by 4/5/17.

Students must turn in all Financial Aid documents four weeks prior to the scheduled disbursement dates.

Cal Grant

Fall: 9/23

Spring: 2/16

May include additional $300 payment for the new Full-Time Student Success Grant if enrolled in 12 or more units and have unmet need.


Fall: 8/29, 10/28

Spring: 1/30, 3/30


Federal Work Study

Monthly Paycheck



Fall: 8/29, 10/28

Spring: 1/30, 3/30

Fall Priority Filing: 10/10/16

Spring Priority Filing: 4/13/17

Loan Entrance Session


NOTE: Students should contact the Financial Aid office for one-on-one consultation.

Board Of Governor's Fee Waiver


2016-17 Deadline: 5/25/17

Professional Judgment Packet


Fall Deadline:11/16/16

Spring: 4/14/17

Financial Aid Appeal 


Summer Deadline: 7/12/17  

Fall Deadline: 11/8/16

Spring Deadline: 4/11/17


Keys to Disbursement:

  • Pell grant and Loans will be divided into two disbursements in the Fall semester and two disbursements in the Spring semester.
  • Disbursements are issued to students with a completed Financial Aid file, enrolled and will be confirmed with an "Official Award Notification" email.
  • Students receiving Loans and Cal grant must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive the disbursement.
  • Students on Financial Aid Disqualification are not eligible for disbursement.
  • Disbursements are issued on the BankMobile Debit Card or ACH processing.  For more information, visit:
  • Please notify our office if you have not received your Bank Mobile Debit Card in the mail.
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