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Financial Aid Forms

Which form do I submit? 

  • Log on to "WVCPortal"
  • Click on MyWebServices
  • Under Financial Aid, click on My Documents
  • Submit any documents listed as "Missing"



FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid
BOGW - Board of Governors Fee Waiver (2015Su, 2015Fa, 2016Sp) BOGW-Board of Governors Fee Waiver (2016Su, 2016Fa, 2017Sp)
V1 - Dependent Verification V1 - Dependent Verification
V1 - Independent Verification V1 - Independent Verification
V3 - Dependent Verification V4 - Dependent Verification
V3 - Independent Verification V4 - Independent Verification 
V4 - Dependent Verification V5 - Dependent Verification 
V4 - Independent Verification V5 - Independent Verification 
V5 - Dependent Verification V6 - Dependent Verification 
V5 - Independent Verification V6 - Independent Verification 
V6 - Dependent Verification  
V6 - Independent Verification  

Documents that may be requested:

Financial Aid Appeal Packet 

***If you are a “Distance Learner”, registered in online courses only, then you may schedule a one hour-phone-in counseling appointment with Carol Pavan. Please read the directions for more information.***

Loan Program In-School Deferment Request

California High School Graduation Certification Form

Pell Lifetime Eligibility Acknowledgment Form

2015-16 Other Untaxed Income for 2014

2016-17 Other Untaxed Income for 2015

2015-16 Unable To Appear In Person - Verification Worksheet

2016-17 Unable to Appear In Person - Verification Worksheet


Other Documents that may be requested:

Proof of identity (i.e. copy of Social Security Card)

Proof of Citizenship (i.e. copy of U. S. passport, Resident Alien Card, I-94, etc.)

Prior year's IRS Tax Return Transcript 

Other miscellaneous forms or Clarification - see the Financial Aid Office for assistance



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