Campus Center


The Campus Center is the social, educational, and recreational center of West Valley College. Students, staff, faculty and visitors to the campus make the center a busy and exciting hub of activity.

Most people at WVC spend a lot of time in the Campus Center for a variety of reasons. The facility includes the Dining Hall, which offers a tantalizing array of hot entrees, salads, sandwiches and more. A fireside lounge area and Student Art Gallery. The campus Information Counter plus a study lounge, coin-operated copy machine, off-campus housing board, Associated Students Senate Office, Inter-Club Council, Student Activities Office, Club and Baltic Rooms, the Police Department, and the Viking Bookstore. In addition, the Campus Center offers an outside patio and eating area, grassy knolls, a pleasing atmosphere and It's wireless too!

All Campus Center Facilities are designated as nonsmoking areas and are open to serve the college community's needs. There are many rooms available and rental reservations can be made by contacting the Student Activities Office at 741-2006.

Campus Center

Business Hours

  • Campus Center Concierge
    Phone: 408.741.2025
    Closed during summer 
  • Student Development

    Phone: 741-4628
    M-TH 9:00 am-4:00pm
    F- closed

last published: 4/1/18