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West Valley’s Campus Center is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.   To be LEED certified, the building was measured in the following categories:  location sustainability, water efficiency, energy and ventilation efficiency, sustainability of materials and resources used, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and how well it addresses local issues.  Below are some examples of how the building complies with LEED standards.

LEED Specifications


  • Water runoff from the roof is reclaimed and bio-filtered to water the garden.

  • Water bottle fill-up stations encourage the use of reusable water bottles. Each fill-up station has a counter that displays how many disposable water bottles were saved by refilling.

  • Efficient plumbing contributes to a 40% savings in water usage.


  • There are many large windows and glass walls throughout the building, allowing the sun to be the main source of light during the day.

  • Nana walls (glass walls which can be opened up) allow for more natural lighting, as well as the ability to open spaces up to the surrounding areas.

Green Stations

  • Recycling centers are clearly marked and placed throughout the building.

  • Signs with information about the building’s sustainability are placed throughout the building.

  • Information kiosks save paper by using digital signage instead.

Air Quality

  • All coatings, sealants, flooring systems, and composite wood products used in the Campus Center contain low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

  • A state-of-the-art heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system has been installed to circulate fresh air throughout the building.

  • Interior and exterior walk-off mats have been installed to remove soil at entry doors for improved air quality inside the building.


  • Placed throughout the Campus Center are 9+ large flat screen TVs, 5+ projection systems, and all areas of the Campus Center have networked speaker systems. In addition, the Campus Center is blanketed in Wi-Fi and has many Ethernet jacks for those who desire a wired connection. Most other technology requirements can be met by our Audio/Visual department.


  • The building is a spacious 41,000 square-feet comprised of five+ meeting rooms, four lounge areas, the WVM Café, Drip Coffee Café, the Viking Bookstore, and more. 

  • All meeting rooms and lounge areas have up to four standard layouts, though custom setups are also allowed with a small fee.

  • Rooms in the Campus Center can accommodate anywhere from six to more than three-hundred people.

  • The Ostrus Family Plaza and Patio may also be reserved for events better suited for the outdoors.

  • For events needing a check-in area, the Concierge Desk is located inside the main entrance to the Campus Center and works wonderfully for that purpose. If a preparation area is necessary, the Recreation Room and Workstation include a sink and counter space.


  • For events needing food catering services, WVM Café is our on-site catering service. For refreshment catering services, Drip Coffee Café is also conveniently located in the Campus Center. If small snacks are desired, the Viking Bookstore offers a wide variety of “grab and go” snacks.


  • The entire Campus Center is ADA compliant, with all areas easily accessible.

Loading Zones

  • For events needing to unload products/displays/etc., the Campus Center is surrounded by loading areas accessible by car.


  • The Campus Center is home to the West Valley Art Gallery, and during the school year artwork is prominently displayed throughout the building.

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