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West Valley Community College OrgSync Sign-in Page

West Valley College Student Development Office has established a new way to enable students, college community and student organizations to connect with each other, participate in campus organizations, events, communicate with organization leaders and much more. To get started follow the instructions below:

  1. Either click the above image or sign onto to log in to West Valley College OrgSync page. Use the upper right hand menu button to sign in with your Campus ID. At this point the West Valley-Mission Community College District sign in page asks for you to log in with your student ID and password once more.
  2. Complete your OrgSync Profile (only has to be done the very first time you log in).
  3. Search for organization you would like to join and subscribe. That is it!
  4. Please look for VRC and subscribe to participate in the textbook, calculator, and iPad loan program as well as find out about club activities and events. Keep up to date with campus news.

For more information and assistance please contact VRC support:
 (408) 741-4030

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