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Charge: To make recommendations to the administration of West Valley College and to the Board of Trustees, with respect to academic and professional matters. As outlined in Title 5, the Senate's responsibilities include curriculum, degree and certificate requirements, grading policies, instructional program development, standards regarding student success, professional development, accreditation process, program review, institutional planning and budget development.

Senator Terms: Two years

Meetings: Second & Fourth Tuesday of the Month, 2:10 PM – 4:30 PM, Baltic Room in Campus Center

Accreditation: Self Study, Reports and Documents

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Fall 2018 Academic Senate Meetings

The WVC Academic Senate meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 2:15 PM – 4:30 PM. Below are meeting dates for the Fall 2018 semester. The regular meetings take place in the Campus Baltic Room. Special meetings are as noted.

  • September 11
  • September 25
  • October 9
  • October 23
  • November 13
  • November 27
  • December 11

All Senate meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. The West Valley College Academic Senate is the voice of all faculty, both full and part time, in the governance and decision-making processes of the college. In accordance with Title 5 section 53203, the Academic Senate makes recommendations to the college and district on a wide range of academic and professional matters.

Agendas/Minutes and President's Reports



Senate Documents

President's Reports


Name Term Representing
Gretchen Ehlers June 2017 - June 2019 President
Amy Gutierrez December 2017 - June 2019 Associate Faculty Rep
Christel Ligocki December 2017 - June 2019 Associate Faculty Rep
Mitra Fabian September 2015 - June 2019 School of Art and Design
Victor Castillo March 2018 - March 2020 Professional Studies
Cynthia Reiss June 2008 - June 2019 School of Art and Design
Jeanette Richey September 2017 - June 2019 Language Arts
Meg Farrell September 2017 - June 2019 Language Arts
Yanghee Kim August 2017 - August 2019 Library
Patricia Louderback September 2017 - June 2019 Health & Human Development
Rebecca Wong September 2017 - August 2019 Science/Math
Vacant   Science/Math
Andrew Kindon February 2014 - September 2017 Senator-At-Large
Tim Kelly June 2005 - June 2019 Social Science
Carol Pavan September 2015 - June 2019 Student Services
Chris Trent September 2017 - June 2019 Student Services


Name Term Position
Eric Pape June 2015 - June 2017 Senate President
Cynthia Reiss September 2015 - Current Senate Vice President

Former Presidents

Name Term
Eric Pape 2013 - 2017
Lance Shoemaker 2009 - 2013
Angelica Bangle 2005 - 2009
Vivian Lock 2003 - 2005
Linda King 2001 - 2003
Jim Wilczak 1998 - 2001
Joan Sarlo 1996 - 1998
Lydia Harris 1995 - 1996
Ed Lodi 1994 - 1995
Wanda Wong 1993 - 1994
Linda King 1992 - 1993
Fred Barnikel 1991 - 1992
Ed Lodi 1989 - 1991
Michael Herauf 1987 - 1989
Claudine Simpson 1986 - 1987


Academic Directions Committee

Charge: The West Valley College Academic Directions Committee serves as a standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate to provide support to the Senate and the College as a whole to ensure ongoing maintenance of student needs at West Valley College, including the following:

  1. Review ideas for new programs to determine whether they meet student needs and make recommendations to the Senate regarding whether the program should be allowed to go forward through the full approval process.
  2. Provide guidance for new program development once the program has passed through Senate pre-approval.
  3. Assist existing programs that have been identified as needing revitalization and track their progress.
  4. Make recommendations to the Senate to move forward with Program Discontinuance for programs that have not been successful. (may need to add reference to Program Revitalization process and fiscal emergency)
  5. Work with other constituent groups to forge consensus on matters pertaining to student needs.

Basic Skills Committee

The Basic Skills Committee meets 2 times per semester on Fridays from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

Charge: To implement recommendations of the Basic Skills Task Force and to make recommendations about basic skills as needed.

Terms: Indefinite

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee meets every second and fourth Wednesday at 2:30 PM.

This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.

Charge: To review and recommend approval to the Board new/revised curriculum, degree and certificate programs that adhere to Title 5 requirements.

Terms: Two (2) years

Distance Education Committee

The Distance Education Committee meets every first and third Tuesday.

This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.

Charge: To serve as a resource for and advisors to the Academic Senate, faculty, staff and administrators in matters of policy, practice and pedagogy regarding distance education and technology-enhanced instruction; assist faculty in learning about and integrating technology and distance education into the curriculum; plan and implement innovative and creative opportunities that help to grow distance learning.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee meets every first Thursday.

This is a standing committee of the WVC Academic Senate.

Charge: To provide time and opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration to participate in growth and development activities related to staff, student, and instructional improvement, hence, supporting WVC's mission of facilitating successful learning, providing students opportunities to participate in a wide spectrum of educational experiences and encouraging them to be lifelong learners.

Terms: Three years

Program Review Committee

The purpose of the West Valley College Program Review Committee is to provide and refine procedures that enable the systematic evaluation of programs to continuously improve student learning, student achievement, and institutional planning and effectiveness.

Senate Bylaws

last published: 11/13/18