Faculty Accomplishments

Jason Challas

Art, curated a group exhibition at Works/San Jose gallery during the ISEA/Zerone International Festival of Electronic Art that took place in San Jose in 2006.

Dulce María Gray, Ph.D.

English, was selected to participate in a three week Faculty Summer 2007 Institute and field study tour called "Metropolis: City Living from Timbuktu to Tashkent" offered by the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University. The Institute begins at the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut, and New York City, and then continues in Istanbul, Ankara and several cities in Turkey.

During summer 2006 Dr. Gray was a selected participant in National Endowment for the Humanities' "Maya Worlds: On-site in Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize," a six-week Institute for College and University faculty sponsored by the Community College Humanities Association.

In October 2006, Dr. Gray published an essay entitled "Using Silence to Promote Spiritual Growth," in Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century , a book edited by Sharon Shelton-Colangelo et al. (Alta Mira Press/Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2006).

John Hannigan

Communication, was selected to be one of the trainers/participants in our District's Leadership Development Academy. This pilot program was launched in January with the workshop "Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership."

Lenore Harris

English, recently completed her first novel, a work of historical fiction which is set during the Civil War and is about a black man who owned slaves . This summer, she plans to begin research for a second historical novel; this new work is set during the 1920s and centers around the founding of The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters,

the predominantly African-American labor union headed by A. Phillip Randolph. Sleeping Car Porters worked on the railroads, cleaning and preparing sleeping cars and acting as valets and waiters for passengers, so as part of her research, Lenore is taking the train from California to New York, where the headquarters of the union was located, with a brief stay in Chicago to visit the A. Phillip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum.

Vicky Kalivitis

English, will be conducting research in Greece during summer 2007 with the goal of setting up a study tour that may be offered for credit to students and faculty during the winter break.

Gus Kambeitz

Music, served as President of Northern California MACCC (Music Association of California Community Colleges).

He published the following jazz band tunes: Early in the AM - trombone feature. Cuppa Joe, Trombone.

He also published these commissions (arrangements sought by other schools/ artists): Man facing North, Big Band. Monmouth College Fight Sone, Big Band. Benny and the Jets, Jazz Choir. Nancy's Eyes, Big Band. There You Are, Big Band.

He was Musical Director for Jesus Christ Superstar and The Full Monte at City Lights Theater Company.

He was a Jazz Judge at the Lional Hampton Jazz festival and the Redwood Empire Jazz festival, and a Music Judge at Music in the Parks.

He recorded a CD with the Lee Pardini Trio, "Jazz Band trip to Reno Jazz festival."

At WVC he hosted the following guest artists: Kris Strom, John Worley, John Gronberg

Kristen Korb, Greg Adams, Russell Ferrante, Mike Davis, Wayne Wallace.

He hosted the following Jazz festivals: WVC Jazz Festival, CMEA Jazz festival.

He performed in "Broadway by the Bay," "Beach Blanket Babylon" and at City Lights Theater Company.

Janis Kea, Ph.D.

Economics, will begin her tenure as the Division Chair of Social Science in August. Also, Dr. Kea was selected to participate in NEH's Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop for Community College Teachers, "Steel-Making in Cleveland: A Cast Study of Industrialization, Immigration, Labor, Race, Ethnicity and Gender" held during summer in Western Reserve Historical Society, Mittal Steel Mill, the Ohio and Erie Canal, and historic neighborhoods along the Cuyahoga River in Ohio.

Tim Kelly, Ph.D.

History, published an essay, "A Cold War Home Front, 1945-1963," in Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Modern America: From the Indian Wars to the Vietnam War, a book edited by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler (Greenwood Press, 2007). This essay considers how the United States "quickly returned to a state of readiness when the end of World War II ushered in the Cold War and the immanent threat of nuclear annihilation, even as a booming economy brought undreamt material prosperity to huge numbers of Americans."

David Kier

Humanities and History, published his first novel entitled Jody (Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing, 2007), a little-boy-lost fantasy, complete with magic, a wizard, and a Tolkien-like struggle of good vs. evil. It takes place in late 19th Century Ohio and a world which parallels it. His second fantasy novel will be published in late 2007.

Andy Kindon, Ph.D.

Anthropology, hosted a meeting of the California Community College Archaeology Consortium at West Valley College in Fall 2006 which was attended by faculty from many neighboring schools, including Cabrillo College, Foothill College, Ohlone College, San Jose State University and the University of California, Berkeley.

He and two colleagues were awarded a National Science Foundation Research Grant in the amount of $123,838 to conduct archaeological research at an ancient Maya site in Belize.

Dr. Kindon was co-author on an essay "Uxbenká Archaeological Project (UAP): Site

Settlement in the Rio Blanco Valley, Toledo District, Belize" that was published in Archaeological Investigations in the Eastern Maya Lowlands: Papers of the 2005 Belize Archaeology Symposium, a book edited by J. Awe, J. Morris, and S. Jones (National Institute of Culture and History, Belize, 2006).

He also served as co-author on an essay "The 2006 Field Season of the Uxbenka Archaeological Project" to be published in the same series in summer 2007.

In April 2007 Dr. Kindon attended the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Austin, Texas where he presented a paper "The emergence of sociopolitical complexity in southern Belize: A case study from the site of Uxbenká, Toledo District, southern Belize" and served as co-author on a second paper "Owning the past in a post-colonial world: The successes and failures of competing claims to archaeology in the Maya Region."

He and a colleague from Foothill College recently received a $5000 research grant from California State Parks to launch an archaeological project at Wilder Ranch State Park involving students from West Valley and Foothill Colleges. He currently serves as co-principal investigator on the Foothill-West Valley Archaeological Survey and the Uxbenká Archaeological Project.

Dr. Kindon's work in Belize and California will be featured in an upcoming issue of South Bay Accent magazine, to be published in June 2007.

Sandra Ladd

Psychology, won the Science Symposium Award at the 15th Annual Science Symposium and Poster Session sponsored by the Massachusetts Neurological Society on June 7, 2006 for her paper, "Physiological and Behavioral Evidence for Affective Priming."

For the Academic Year 2006-2007, she received a graduate student scholarship at Boston University School of Medicine, Graduate Sciences Division, Behavioral Neuroscience Program.

On April 25th , 2007, she successfully passed her written and oral comprehensive qualifying examinations and was advanced to candidacy for the Med/Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Julie Maia

English, was selected to participate in "Oaxaca: Crossroads of a Continent," an four week NEH Summer Institute for College and University faculty sponsored by the Community College Humanities Association that is to be held on site in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Unfortunately, Ms. Maia had to decline because of a death in her family.)

Margarita Mitevska, Sylvia Ortega, Susanne Overstreet and Sue Wilson

ESL, presented a paper on revising writing in the ESL class at the 38th Annual California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages in San Diego in April.

Sondra Ricar, Ph.D.

History and Political Science, published a book, Scenarios in American Government, A Critical Thinking Reader (Chandler Sharp 2007). Dr. Ricar's book uses fictionalized essays to illustrate the major aspects of American government and to challenge students to resolve problems posed by the scenario.

Jennifer Wagner

English, was selected to Co-Chair and plan the 57th conference, "Restoring Hope in a Time of Fear," coordinated by the Curriculum Study Commission of Central California Council of Teachers of English. The conference takes place at Asilomar from the 28th to the 30th of September 2007.

last published: 3/21/18