Participatory Governance

Academic Senate's Role in Governance


Assembly Bill 1725 (1989), the last major California community college reform legislation, codified the concept of shared governance and required each district to implement the provisions of law within parameters established by regulation in Title V. The district's Board Policy 3.3.4, Academic Personnel, recognizes the role of the Academic Senate under the provisions of AB 1725 as codified in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, 53200 and following. Board Policy 3.3.4b states, "It shall be the policy of the District to rely primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate in all eleven areas identified in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5 # 53200." Board Policy also states, "The recommendations of the Senate will normally be accepted, and only in exceptional circumstances and for compelling reasons will recommendations not be accepted. If the recommendation is not accepted, the Board or its designee, upon request of the Academic Senate, shall promptly communicate its reasons in writing to the Academic Senate."

last published: 11/13/18