West Valley College Classified Senate

Mission: The WVC Classified Senate is committed to effectively representing all classified staff in participatory governance, promoting staff professional development and advocating for classified viewpoints and contributions to the campus community and student success.

Charge: To participate in the district and WVC shared decision making process by collecting, evaluating and disseminating information for the classified staff, and representing the aggregate interests of the classified staff before or on any district or college committee or task force; to promote and encourage activities which provide an opportunity for enhancing the involvement and staff development of the classified staff.

Terms: At-Large Reps: One year - Officers: Two years

Meetings: Third Thursdayof the Month, 12:30-2:30 pm, Campus Center Global CitizenshipRoom

Classified Senate Scholarship

Please download the Applicationa, save it and use the auto-fill feature to complete the application on your desktop. Scholarship Application

Read the Scholarship Application Instructions (included in applicaton), fill in the form, and submit to the Classified Senate President, via email ir interoffice mail.


The Classified Senate of West Valley College

Awarded California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) "Model Senate" in 2009. Model Classified Senates define the standard of staff participation within the learning environment for California community college students; encourage staff leaders to become stronger, and offer reference and experience for novice organizations and those seeking organizational revitalization.
The Senate also placed first in the Outstanding Website competition, which recognizes excellence in technology use. The website was judged on overall navigation structure and ease of use; eye catching color and creative use of graphic layout; inclusion of meeting minutes and other senate documents; and links to classified resources, including the 4CS website.
last published: 8/30/16