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Welcome to the the Winter 2012 issue of the WVC Classified Senate News!

This is Year two of the WVC Classified Senate News and we are expanding into a THIRD Issue this (academic) year, so we are looking forward to an issue in late winter (February 2013) and late spring (May 2013). The Classified Senate is launching a continuing feature on both individual Staff and Staff teams, as well as a space for District Classified news. We invite Classified Staff to send us feedback, suggestions for changes, and relevant ideas for the future. Any of these can be directed to the Communications Committee: Monet Payton, Bernadette Walker, Tanya Hanton & Donna Nguyen.

Extra special thanks are due to Tanya Hanton, Donna Nguyen and Geri Peterson, who went above and beyond to help out with photographs and articles.

Wishing you peace and festivity in the coming months,
The Classified Senate

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Classified Senate Newsletter Welcome
This is Year Two of the WVC Classified Senate News...

Presidents's Corner
As I write this, we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief over the passage of Prop 30, which will generate sorely needed tax revenue ....

WVC Classified Senate Professional Development Committee
The Classified Senate Professional Development Committee (formerly, The Scholarship Committee) is pleased to announce the availability of the 2012-13 Classified Staff Scholarship application.

Classified Recognition Award
This award is in recognition and appreciation of classified colleagues ...

Classified Staff Promotions & New Assignments
These Classified staff joined us or were promoted & reassigned in the past year. If you find yourself in their vicinity, please introduce yourself. (Or congratulate them)

Got Books?
The Book Drive originally began and ended with the semester. It now continues year-round…

Classified Senate Members
list of Classified Senate members...

District Classified Senate News
District employees do have a seat at the table for both West Valley and Mission College Senates....

Classified Staff Heros
You’ve spent weeks putting together your presentation…

Over The Creek
This column is devoted to the seldom-seen classifieds who work .…

Classified Art Exhibit
West Valley College and District Classified Staff shared their diverse artistic pursuits...

Just For Fun
Classified Staff Getting Into that Halloween Spirit…

Important WVC Classified Senate Dates
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 president article

laurel kinley

President's Corner

As I write this, we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief over the passage of Prop 30, which will generate sorely needed tax revenue to fund California’s community college system. While the catastrophic “trigger cuts” are no longer a threat, as a District we’re still facing a deficit in the neighborhood of $2.5 million for 2013/2014.

Fortunately, most of the shortfall will be backfilled by one-time Land Corp money and funding from Prop 30 revenue, so the cost to the college for next year’s budget should only be about $400,000. As reported to College Council by Interim President Brad Davis, the college will likely implement a hiring freeze for 2013/2014 and look for additional money in our Contract Ed and Community Ed revenue stream to make up the difference.

The really good news is that layoffs are off the table, and that bargaining units may be asked for fewer concessions, provided money can be found from these other sources.

Looking to the future, College Council will soon begin the complicated task of identifying areas where we can further reduce expenditures for 2014/2015 by re-envisioning our core mission. Every department across the campus will be looking at new ways to save money without sacrificing our mission to support students in an environment of academic excellence. After years of balancing the budget with one-time funds, we must begin to live within our means and focus on providing programs and services that support our core offerings for transfer or degree/certificates and basic skills.

As your representative on College Council, I am asking all of you to help in this endeavor. Examine ways your department could “work smarter, not harder”, brainstorm ideas with your colleagues, then share your thoughts with your managers, administrators, area Senators, and me.

This will be a collaborative effort, and everyone - administrators, faculty and staff - will be called upon to contribute. Ultimately, there is no one who knows your area or what you need to do your job better than you do. Working together, classified staff can have a resounding impact on the future of our work, our college, and our students.

by Laurel Kinley

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Headder Scholarship comittee

Melissa C

WVC Classified Senate Staff Scholarship Application Update

The Classified Senate Professional Development Committee (formerly, The Scholarship Committee) is pleased to announce the availability of the 2012-13 Classified Staff Scholarship application. This scholarship program supports educational enrichment and professional development opportunities for all West Valley College based Classified Staff members. Previously, a $350 cap was set to allow for numerous awards to be made each year; however, realizing that this may be a barrier to finding funding for activities with higher costs to attend, the Senate has lifted the cap and will review each application on a case-by-case basis.

The scholarship application can be found at the Classified Senate page:

Scholarships are awarded to provide financial support for numerous activities, such as: conferences; higher education classes; workshops; retreats; or trainings that foster either personal or professional growth. Scholarships may be used for registration costs, travel requirements or other costs incurred to attend the desired program. The scholarship is not intended to fund the pursuit of ongoing coursework toward a college degree, though individual courses may be approved. We hope you will consider applying for the Classified Senate Staff Scholarship and take advantage of the opportunity to pursue your goals and enrich your skills! You may even find what you are looking for right here at West Valley; the Spring Schedule has just been published and Community Education has a number of courses that may be just right for you.

Find out more at:

Thank you,

Melissa Ceresa, Chair, Classified Senate Professional Development Committee

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staff news

George Mageles


The Classified Senate Used Book Drive and Sale have taken on a life of their own.

classified senate book sale

Photo by: Donna Nguyen "Taking the long view, this primary contributor to our Classified senate Scholarship fund is growing! "

The Book Drive originally began and ended with the semester. It now continues year-round. The collection varies widely according to which classroom/office complex closes for remodeling. One semester, we'll be heavy with science/math textbooks and the next time there will be more from the social sciences and language arts. What's always exciting is when we can meet a staff/faculty/administrator at their car in the parking lot with a donation of books from their home. Please let us know -- -- anytime you have books to donate!

The Book Sale, as you may know, is a fundraiser for the Classified Staff Scholarship. This fund is used to send classified staff to training, workshops, and classes that may be related to their work at WVC or to an area of personal interest and growth. There will be more details of this scholarship in another section of this newsletter, and we urge all classified staff to consider applying for these funds!

This semester's two-day sale was memorable for a number of reasons. We had over 110 cases of books to sell. The senators came out almost in total to help set-up and staff the sale. Many administrators, managers and faculty supported the sale by making time available for their staff to attend, by helping promote the sale, and by helping us secure the space for the sale and for storage of the books. Some even came by to help set up and pack up each day. Students from Alpha Gamma Sigma volunteered to help with set-up, sales, and packing up. And when we believed the weather report on the second day and moved out onto the lawn, everyone in attendance chipped in to help cover the books when the rains refused to let up!

Perhaps, in the end, it's what we do for our environment that matters the most. We collect books that have been used by someone and make them available to others. We take some of the books that don't sell at our sale to the Saratoga Public Library, where they may be sold at their quarterly book sales or at the Book-Go-Round used book store in Saratoga Village. We recently partnered with an internet bookseller, Better World Books. We packed and shipped over 40 cases of books to Better World after the sale. They cover the shipping costs and send us a check for any books they can sell through their network. Those that won't sell are recycled into packing material and other products.

On behalf of my sub-committee members – Brenda Rogers, Lisa McNiven, Luan Szeto, and the entire Senate – thank you to all for your donations and purchases.

See you at the next sale, during the week of Earth Day in April 2013!


by George Mageles, Fundraising Sub-Committee Chair

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staff news

good job

Classified Art Exhibit:

West Valley College and District Classified Staff shared their diverse artistic pursuits at the Classified Gallery Exhibit at the Campus Center Art Gallery during September through mid-October.

classified art show
Artists: Pat Lillich & Geri Peterson

Featured artists included:

Jennifer French, Academic Senate Administrative Assistant: photography

Jeff Griffin, Tutorial Center Specialist: Pen/Ink and Watercolor

Genina Gonzales. Advancement Foundation Administrative Assistant: Photography

Carl Jones, Graphic Design and Marketing: Photography

Pat Lillich, Sr. Applications Administrator: Sculpture

Janet Lin, Library Media Technician: Jewelry and Crafted Handbags

Geri Peterson, Office of Instruction Executive Assistant: Ceramics

The show was coordinated with the guidance of Jason Challas, Art Instructor and Gallery Director, along with Gallery student staff (who gained experience with staging) and Classified Senate members. This was a fun show, and a good way to see and appreciate the creative talents of our staff.

by Geri Peterson

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senate staff news

Tanya Haton

There I come to save the day.

AV Team
L-R: Alex, Scott Ludwig, Alfred Yee, Daniel

You’ve spent weeks putting together your presentation. At least 40 people are seated before you; your PowerPoint presentation is loaded; the microphone is adjusted. You take a deep breath, and press the button to move to the first page of the presentation. But, nothing happens. You check your connections. No problems there. So, you consider your options: faint, pretend to receive an urgent call, take this opportunity to practice your stand-up, run away… Then you remember that you have the A/V Hotline programed into your cell. Whew! Within minutes, you are saved by one of the mighty troubleshooters.

Who are these guys that always seem to appear out of nowhere, perform their magic and then vanish into the woodwork? They are, of course, the WVC Audio/Visual Team. I’m sure you’ve seen them flying across campus in a cart or on Segway.

Their dauntless leader is Scott Ludwig. Although he is now the official supervisor of the A/V Department and a lot more, he insists on continuing to be “hands-on” when it comes to getting a job done. When he first started in 2000, there were about 15 electronically equipped classrooms and only 400 instructional computers. Now, there are 100 “smart classrooms” and 1,200 computers, and more on the way! You’ll be reading more about Scott in future issues.

Alfred Yee is Scott’s mild-mannered side-kick. People in technical crisis can get pretty keyed up, but Alfred always keeps his cool, providing a calming influence while he skillfully solves the problem. I asked him to tell me about some of the situations he encounters. One surprisingly common cause of equipment failure is a disconnected cable or cord. Being the gentle person that he is, he refrains from falling on the floor in a laughing fit, and simply plugs it back in, quietly explaining the problem to the instructor or staff person out of earshot of the audience.

The third member of the team is Daniel – sound mixer extraordinaire. Daniel started out as a student worker about four years ago and is now under contract as a professional expert. He loves doing sound mixing for films, theater productions, musical performances and other events. According to Scott, Daniel’s talents go beyond audio. “ He's helped us set up our iTunes U site, manages all of our on-campus digital signage that can be seen in the Campus Center, Fox, and Science and Math buildings, and he's been instrumental in designing and managing our lecture capture systems that we use in Fox and around the campus.”

And, it would be remiss not to mention the can-do student worker. Alex Liou has worked with the team for about a year. It all started when he filmed an ASO/AGS event in which the students made and served hundreds of sandwiches at St. Joseph’s Homeless Shelter and then used the Audio/Visual equipment to edit the film. Scott thought he did a great job, so he hired him. As it happens Alex is majoring in video and film production, and he is “very grateful and honored” to be working with such a knowledgeable crew and to be able to help out while he attends WVC.

So, what was that number? Get out your cell phone and put the A/V Hotline in your contacts (1-408-741-2032). You never know when you might need to call a “techbuster.”

Tanya Hanton

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senate staff news

Tanya Haton

Over the Creek and Through the Woods

Beyond the Quad
This column is devoted to the seldom-seen classifieds who work over the creek and through the woods.

 Yori Seeger

Yori Seeger There’s a foundry at West Valley College? Where? Why? What’s a foundry? If you are curious, Yori Seeger is the go-to classified person to tell you anything you’ve ever wanted to know about foundries, metal casting and sculpting. Yori runs the foundry, which primarily means that he maintains the equipment, pours the bronze and shows the students how to use the heavy equipment in a safe and proper manner. He is passionate about “helping the students to realize their artistic ideas.” Yori, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, has been at WVC for about 4 years. From what I can see on his blog ( ), Yori is an artist with a capital “A.” If, like me, you don’t know very much about the process of metal casting and sculpting, you can see a “fast-forward” video of the process on his YouTube video. Very few community colleges have a foundry, so it is certainly something we can all be proud of.

Yori, originally from Santa Cruz, now lives in Ben Lomond with Dana, a print-maker and painter. This summer, Yori and Dana were married in Florence, Italy, where Yori has also studied art. According to the Bio on his blog, Yori “is a sculptor specializing in bronze and dealing with abstract figurative narratives.” The blog shows the creation of some of the pieces that will be on exhibit at the Santa Clara Triton Museum in February. See you there!

by Tanya Hanton

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senate comittee news

good job

District Classified Senate News

Kurt Hibner
District District Facilities Staff: Kurt Hibner during his Friday afternoon gig.

Although the District does not have its own Classified Senate, District employees do have a seat at the table for both West Valley and Mission College Senates. This corner of the newsletter is for information that concerns District Classified based at West Valley College, from your District Senators, Kurt Hibner (Warehouse and Facilities), Luan Szeto (IS), Gloria Gutierrez (HR) and Monet Payton (District Police at WV). Do check the district portal often – you can find kittens and bowling and forms, all on one page! In the future, look for an article on great ways to use this underutilized tool. Have you used the Claremont EAP? We’ll be looking into an article about that too, as well as good things to know about our District Police Department.

by Kurt Hibner

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senate comittee news

Geri Peterson

  Classified Recognition Award

Kurt & Teri
Teri Langworthy presenting Kurt Hibner the 2013 award.

The Classified Senate will be presenting the Employee Recognition Award for Fall 2012 at the Senate’s “Winter Celebration” on December 12, 2012.

This award is in recognition and appreciation of classified colleagues who demonstrate outstanding service to the college community. Attributes acknowledged would include going above and beyond the job description, creativity and initiative, collegiality, and contributions benefitting colleagues, students, and the community. This can be said about so many among our staff. 

Those who can be nominated must be a permanent WVC or West Valley-based District classified employee. Any staff member can make a nomination, including classified colleagues, supervisors, administrators or faculty.

The selected recipient will be given a $200.00 award, plus a plaque, which will be presented at the Classified Senate Winter Celebration and general membership meeting in December. All nominees will be receiving a certificate of appreciation.

The Awards Committee coordinating this activity include: Geri Peterson (Chair) Teri Langworthy (Fall, 2011 Award Recipient) Kurt Hibner (Spring, 2012 Award Recipient) Cathy Aimonetti (Career Programs Office) Maria Lopez (Applied Arts and Sciences Division Office)

Be sure to attend the Winter Celebration and applaud our wonderful colleagues!

by Geri Peterson

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Classified Staff Getting Into the Halloween Spirit:

Cathy Aimonetti
Cathy Aimonetti, frightening the students again…

Financial Aid Group on Halloween
Financial Aid Pajama Party from left to right standing: Maritza Cantarero; Elizabeth Ochoa; Salina Haile (work study student); Behin Normanesh; Susie McDonnell; Rhonda Kirkland; Marta Franklin; Lien Pham. Seated: Ramona Jabraelli (work study student).

Maria and Cheryl
Maria Lopez & Cheryl Massa joining forces. Look out.

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 headder senate members

good job

Classified Senate Members

SENATE PRESIDENT                   Laurel Kinley
SENATE VICE PRESIDENT          Melissa Ceresa
SENATE TREASURER                 Tanya Hanton
SENATE SECRETARY                  Lisa McNiven


Cathy Aimonetti                           Community Ed, Campbell, Career Programs
Cheryl Massa                               Financial Aid
Tanya Hanton                               Fine Arts
Maria Lopez                                 AAS, Science/Math, Child Development
George Mageles                          Health Services, EOPS, DESP
Lisa McNiven                               PE
Geri Peterson                              Administrative Services & Business
Brenda Rogers                            Language Arts/Social Sciences
Bernadette Walker                      Campus Center, TRIO, Fox
Diane Brien                                 A&R, Counseling
Donna Nguyen                            Library, Tutorial, TV


Kurt Hibner                                  Facilities
Gloria Gutierrez                           Human Resources
Luan Szeto                                   IS
Monet Payton                              District Finance & Police



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headder important dates

calendar icon

Important Dates


Classified Senate Winter Reception
Date: Wednesday December 12
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: Campus Center Lower Lounge

1st Tuesday of the Month
January through May, the Classified Senate meets from
12:30 - 2:30 p.m. in the WVC Campus Center Club Room

Classified Senate Book Sale
April 24th & 25th, 2013
10:00 - 3:00 p.m.
In Front of AAS

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header staff news

good job

Classified Movers & Shakers

Donna Breckenridge, Senior Administrative Asst., Administrative Services New hire to West Valley from District Purchasing Dept.

Rosa Coronado, EOPS Specialist New Hire

Sandy Dinh, Senior Financial Analyst, Administrative Services New Assignment (from Senior Administrative Asst., Administrative Services)

Ellen Goldman, Instructional Lab Tech – Language Lab New Hire

Jennifer French, Senior Administrative Assistant - Academic Senate New Assignment (from Senior Office Coordinator – Social Sciences)

Cheryl Massa, Student Services Technician, A&R New Assignment (from CDC Office Coordinator)

Susie McDonnell, Student Services Technician, Financial Aid New Hire

Donna Nguyen, Multi-Media Operations Office Coordinator New Assignment (from Library)

Monet Payton, Purchasing Clerk – District New Assignment (from Library)

Phuong Pham, Child Center Development Specialist III New Hire

Vida Sabouri, Instructional Lab Technician, Writing Lab New Hire

Nahid Shokrollahi, Instructional Computing Office Coordinator New Assignment (from Library)

Meghan Vaughn, Program Specialist, Student Health New Assignment (from Program Assistant CDAAP)

Bernadette Walker, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Student Life – Campus Center & Veteran’s Resource Center New Assignment (from Office Coordinator, Re-entry program)

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