West Valley College ESL Department

Employment Opportunities for ESL Students

ESL Skills Lab Assistant lab

We'd love to have you work for our lab if

  • you can interact effectively with people whose first language is not English

  • you can meticulously look at sentences and find the grammar errors easily

  • you can answer the phone, keep records, and multitask

If you are a student at West Valley taking at least 6 units, please contact Gail Barta for information at (408) 741-2482.

Workstudy aide for ESL Department

We'd love to have you work for our department if you are a full-time student and qualify for the workstudy program. Please contact Behin  in Financial Aid for information on the Workstudy Program at (408) 741-4639 or Gail Barta in the ESL department. See our Job Opening postings at the Financial Aid Office.


last published: 4/1/18